We are so excited about this semester of Delight! We cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for all of our chapters!

Before the semester begins each Delight chapter needs to submit the Informational Contract + Statement of Agreement to the Delight HQ. Please only submit one form for your Delight chapter. There is not a deadline in submitting this form, but please know that you will not be able to launch or receive any of your Delight materials until it is complete and submitted. So plan ahead! 

1. Read through the statement of agreement and sign on behalf of your leadership team. Make sure the entire team is informed about the expectations and requirements for each Delight chapter. 

2. Fill out the chapter information form. This will give us all of the updated information we need about your chapter. 

*Please do not submit this form until you are able to fill out ALL of the information. Partially completed forms will not be accepted. 


As a Delight Leadership Team we agree to the following things in exchange for the use of the Delight name, brand, logo, content, and resources: 

1. We will utilize the Delight Stories curriculum each semester as the weekly Bible study 

2. We will stay in close contact with Delight HQ and answer any emails, texts, phone calls in a timely manner 

3. We will stay informed on what is happening in the Delight world by reading the monthly newsletter 

5. We will complete the Delight survey at the end of every semester 

6. We will represent the Delight name in a Christ-like way 

7. We will complete the Chapter Informational Contract at the beginning of every semester

8. We commit to selling a minimum of 10 physical books per semester and will encourage ALL participants to purchase the curriculum.

9. We will not create or sell any merchandise using the Delight brand and logo. 

After signing this contract and agreeing to uphold the above stipulations you will have access to the Delight name, brand, logo, content, and resources. If at anytime the above agreement is not upheld, Delight Ministries has full discretion to revoke your access to the use of the name, brand, logo, content, and resources.

We agree to uphold the requirements and expectations listed above. *
E-sign your name
E-sign your name
Name of the Team Director *
Name of the Team Director
Name of the Book Coordinator *
Name of the Book Coordinator
Campus Minister or Advisor Name
Campus Minister or Advisor Name
Chapter Information
book sales
All Delight Chapters commit to ordering and selling a minimum of 10 books per semester. Please make a careful estimate of how many books your chapter will sell, although we can always send more books if needed. After selling at least 10 books, any unsold books will need to be sent back to the Delight HQ at the end of each semester. The cost of returned shipments must be covered by your team. Each book will come with a free access code to unlock that volume within the Delight App. This means that everyone who purchases a book will also be able to study the content in the app for no additional cost. The App should not affect your book sales, but hopefully will enhance them.
Kickoff party date/Date Books are Needed by
Kickoff party date/Date Books are Needed by
Shipping Address *
Shipping Address
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