10 Places To Go This Summer

When summer first suddenly comes into full swing at the end of a crazy and hectic finals week, having free time feels like the most glorious gift to ever be given. I usually experience this euphoria for about two days before I start getting cabin fever and looking for somewhere to go. Suddenly, without classes or meetings or study dates to go to, the free time that once felt gloriously expansive feels suffocatingly limiting. One of the great things, however, is that with just a little bit of searching, I am always able to find somewhere fun and exciting to go over the summer! 

1. Go to a local trail to hike.
Hiking is one of my all-time favorite summer activities. I love the crisp mountain air, the view from the top, and being able to conquer something alongside friends or family. 

2. Go to a coffeeshop.
During the school year, nearly all of my coffeeshop experiences are related to schoolwork in some way. During the summer, I love to go to coffeeshops and read a good book or catch up with an old friend over a delicious iced coffee.

3. Go to a church event.
The summer is prime time for churches to hold events such as outdoor worship nights or activity days. I love these chances to spend some time with my local church family, getting to know them in a different and often deeper way than I know them from Sunday mornings. 

4. Go to a botanical garden.
Summer is for plants and flowers and all things botanical. Visiting botanical gardens is one of my favorite things to do over the summer. I love perusing the gorgeous blooms with a cup of iced tea in my hand, and sometimes even getting something to bring home to brighten up my room! 

5. Go to an art gallery. 
One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received during my walk with Christ has been to pursue the things that stir my affections for the Lord. This looks different for everyone, but one thing that stirs my affection for Christ is visiting local art galleries. 

6. Go on a road trip.
Road trips are a fantastic way to bond with friends and acquaintances. The best part is that the road trip doesn’t have to necessarily end anywhere extravagant! The beauty and fun is in the journey to get there. 

7. Go to a national park.
2016 is the Centennial Year Celebration of US national parks. Celebrate and spend some time in the great outdoors this summer (for a list of parks participating in free admission days, visit https://www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/fee-free-parks-state.htm).

8. Go to a drive in movie…or create one of your own.
Growing up, I loved going to the drive in movie theatre with my family on warm summer nights. We’d fill my dad’s truck bed with pillows and blankets and enjoy some crunchy popcorn and the great outdoor experience. Visit a drive in, or create your own setup in your backyard using a laptop! 

9. Go to a baseball game.
Baseball games are such a fun way to spend a summer day (and get a nice tan while you’re at it)! There’s nothing quite like eating a delicious hotdog with a bottle of coca-cola while sporting a baseball cap. 

10. Go to the weekly meeting place of your Delight Summer Group.
Summer is a time of refreshment and fun, and what better way to refresh and have fun than by spending time with your Delight family. Meeting with your group this summer will be such an incredible way to grow in your love for the Lord and in fellowship with your sisters in Christ! 

-Morgan Jackson // @morgantea