Finding your God Moments

I remember as a little girl, my teachers would always ask me if I had any God moments. When I was five, I probably classified a God moment as seeing a cloud shaped like Minnie Mouse. Later in life, it probably developed into a beautiful sunset on the ride home from school, and then turned into a smile from a stranger. As I've grown up, though, I have forgotten to notice the little pieces of heaven that are sprinkled all over my crazy, hectic, ordinary, every day life.

It seems as I've grown older and bigger, my eyesight has the tendency to become smaller and switch to tunnel vision. I have my focus set on knocking off the next item of the to do list, and it seems the only times God has been able to snap back my attention is when he has moved in big ways. In the midst of this, however, I've missed all of the little blessed moments He has planted through out my days.

Thankfully, this morning, God stopped me in my tracks.

This morning at work, my new friend Melissa told me about her son, and how he is her God link. When I asked her what a God link was, she told me that they are people, places, or moments in her life that affirm that God is with her and for her.

And then, she looked at me and said, "Calah, what's your God link?"

I looked at my new friend and realized that I could not remember the last time I had stopped acknowledge the little treasures that God has been placing in all of my days. Then, I responded, saying, "Melissa, this a God moment. God cared so much about me noticing the sweet things he has in store for me that he used our conversation at work to turn my gaze back to Him." That was a moment that I would have missed had I not been asked. So I encourage you to take a time in your day to ask yourself,

"What were my God moments today?"

"What hidden treasures did God place in my path today specifically to me?"

I can't help but think about the common phrase, "Stop and smell the roses." How wondrous is it that God has planted beautiful, special roses for each of you throughout your days to ensure that he is by your side! My prayer is that we would feel God in the small things and search for him in places where we haven't seen him yet. I pray that it overwhelms us how God resides in every facet of our lives, even in the cracks and holes and messy parts of us.

Today, I encourage you to stop, and smell the sweet, heavenly roses that our in your midst!