Update: What's up with Delight?

Summer break is finally coming to a close, and we are ecstatic to be back in Nashville after a summer filled with world adventures. After working, skyping, and sending emails from corner tables at cafes in Budapest, all the way to back porch rocking chairs nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Mackenzie and I could not be more excited to be back in Nashville and settled into our new office space at Marathon Village. We are so thankful to have a place to come to, where creative juices can flow freely and work can get done.  We had a nice run working in our living room and the over crowded Nashville Starbucks, but we were ready for the next step.  God has provided so fruitfully and we couldn't be more grateful. If you are ever in Nashville, please stop by and see us! 

 It's wild to think that this time last year we were starting our first Delights on other campuses, and in just a few weeks, Delight will be at twelve universities nationwide. God is so good! We have five new schools starting this fall with incredible leaders that are going to do amazing things for the Lord on their campuses. It's an honor to get to sit on the sidelines and watch their stories unfold. Those five schools include Hope College in Holland, Michigan, The University of Portland in Portland, Oregon, Pepperdine University in Malibu California, Morningside College in Sioux City Iowa, and Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. 

In just a few weeks we will be releasing Volume 1 of our new books called, Delight Stories. We CANNOT wait for you to read this book. These stories are all so unique and are such beautiful depictions of God's astronomic love for his children. They will be available to all of our schools and also on our website for purchase. Did we mention that they are going to be actual, REAL books? We are saying goodbye to our beloved brown binders and saying hello to the real world of publishing. A BIG thank you to Lauren Ledbetter for the beautiful cover and book design. 

There are lots of exciting things ahead for Delight this year and we invite you to come along with us on this journey. We will be posting monthly updates on our blog and day-to-day updates on our Instagram and Twitter. Instagram: @DelightMinistries Twitter: @Delight Ministry #DelightMinistries 

In just a few weeks we are traveling to Los Angeles, California for the Yellow Conference. While there, we get to meet up with several incredible individuals, including the leaders from three of our schools. It's an absolute DREAM COME TRUE to get to meet face-to-face with the women who are making delight happen on the West Coast. Not to mention that we are taking with us the newest member of the Delight team, Calah Caballero. We are so happy that Calah is joining the Delight family and we can't wait for all the contributions she is going to make both creatively and relationally. She has the sweetest spirit and the most beautiful and joyful smile on the planet. Welcome Calah! 

Mackenzie and I are so grateful that God is using us to write the story of Delight and everyday we thank Him for this ministry that has allowed us to meet and connect with so many wonderful people. Thank you to YOU for all of the support and for being a part of this story. --MacKenzie Wilson  



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