UPDATE: The Books Have Arrived!


Last Wednesday afternoon, boxes and boxes of our new Delight Stories book FINALLY arrived on our front porch. After a late night trip to FedEx and a drive to North Carolina, our books are now ready to make their way all across the country. We can't even begin to describe how eager we have been for these books to make it into the hands of college women. The stories told in this book are powerful, engaging, and extraordinary pictures of God's love. What a privilege it is for Delight to get to be the story teller of what God is doing in college women's lives from coast to coast! 

We originally designed this book for the use of Delight communities, but the more that we've seen the impact these stories are having, the more encouraged we are to share this book in different ways. It amazes us that our book is going to be used by girls in high school, a college women's small group, and even for individuals during their quiet time with God each day. We also invite you to use it in whatever way fits your life best. 

Last week the amazingly talented, Jenna Kilpinen, snapped some photos of our books and our new mason jar tumblers for the use of our online store that you can check out here. Now you can #doitwithdelight and take delight on the go with you. 

Finally, we are over the moon because Delight has officially started up again on all of our campuses. Just this past week over 100 women gathered at Brown cottage in Holland, Michigan for the first ever Delight Breakfast Bash at Hope College. Delight started for the second year at Wake Forest University and Palm Beach Atlantic, and tonight is the first ever Delight meeting at Morningside College in Sioux, Iowa. Those are just a few of our chapters that are in full swing. In the coming weeks we will be sharing some of their stories and introducing you to a few of the amazing women making them happen. 

Thank you for all the support in the last few days as we've introduced our new books and are continuing the process of growing this ministry that God has placed in our hands. We are tremendously encouraged everyday to see so many people standing with us as we continue along this journey. 

May you have the power to understand, as all God's people should, how wide, how long, how high and how deep His love is. // Ephesians 3:18 

MacKenzie & Mackenzie 


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