A Life With Him

photo by Ales Krivec

photo by Ales Krivec

Sometimes, aspects of life can become monotonous. For me, it is the same classes day in and day out, the same books I’ve been reviewing for an upcoming exam or a paper I need to write, the same routine. For you, it might be the same job you’re tired of waking up for. Or, even something as simple as the same running route – you’re tired of those same houses and trees you run past every day.

When I realize that life feels monotonous – which tends to happen around this time every single year – I realize another truth: that I have become lazy. Lazy and complacent.

Because my life at school does not have to be monotonous. Yes, I will still have to go to those same classes and read those same books, but I can certainly embrace those classes and those books as opportunities. God has placed me here for a purpose. He desires for me to grow in knowledge and ability so that He can use me for His glory. He desires for me to learn from my peers and to love my peers. He desires for me to cast out my worries and to just feel rest and joy.

By allowing myself to grow complacent in my day-to-day life, I am forgetting all of that. I am not taking advantage of the life that God has set before me. I forget so often – “often” meaning every day – that God is walking alongside me. He already knows what my day holds; He knows I can find joy in every moment of every day if my eyes are set on Him. This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. God wants me to rejoice in the monotony of life as well as the excitement.

The truth is that God wants such an incredible life for me (and for you) – and I’m not speaking in terms of events – neither boring nor thrilling ones. I’m speaking in terms of mindset.

God wants me to have peace, God wants me to lay my burdens at His feet, God wants me to rest in greener pastures, God wants me to love Him, God wants me to talk to Him, God wants me to worship Him, God wants me to love others, God wants me to graciously accept the love of others, God wants me to be still and listen, God wants me to engage with the flowers of the earth, God wants me to hike up His beautiful Rocky Mountains and He wants me to splash into His vast Pacific Ocean, God wants me to stare in awe at His beautiful sunsets and sunrises. God wants my mind to be filled with His indescribable, love-filled bliss.

God still calls to me when I forget these things. When the monotony dries me out.

When I’m in the valley and I have convinced myself that I am just too far into the earth to hear his voice, He continues calling my name. He is calling out for me. But my ears are shut off; in my mind, I am too far below.

photo by Tim Mossholder

photo by Tim Mossholder

He always manages to pull me out of that and back into His big, comforting, Fatherly arms. He is a creative Father – He brings me back to Him in different ways every time. Sometimes He reminds me who He is through time with friends, sometimes He does it through family, sometimes He does it through scripture, through my favorite blend of coffee in my favorite mug, through my own writing, through a colorful sunset, a hike, or a freezing-cold, awakening plunge into the ocean. 

For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 8:38-39

I want to strive to no longer fall into lulls in my relationship with Him. There are periods of time in my life in which I am not spending meaningful time in the Word. And those are always the lulls. I want to be proactive about this – to make sure that I am not striving towards an exciting daily life in terms of the “super adventurous” or “Instagram-worthy” things I do but an exciting daily life in terms of how filled it is with Him. Because, like I said before, God wants an incredible life for me. And God wants an incredible life for you.

For a little over two weeks now, I have resolved to spend an hour every day with God. And the more I speak to Him, the more He speaks to me. That statement may seem all too obvious, but it is easy to choose not to believe that. I chose not to believe it for far too long. But ongoing conversation with our Creator is the best remedy for a monotonous life. He will be better able to use me in conversations around campus, to inspire me in classroom discussions, to encourage me during a nerve-wracking presentation, to give me a constant overflow of peace and joy. All because I simply choose to invite Him into my life every day.

-Hunter Folsom // @hunterfolsom

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