These Are The Days

photo by Alex Jones

photo by Alex Jones

It’s tempting to say things like, “I can’t wait for the weekend,” or, “yay, it’s Friday!” or, “I’m just trying to make it to Thanksgiving break / Christmas break.”

And yes, we run around exhausted half the time, working hard at our job, our schoolwork, our relationships, and we definitely need breaks. Sometimes life feels like a neverending, spinning hamster wheel: getting up too early, spending time in the Word and in prayer, going to work or class, going to meetings, trying to be productive, maybe exercise, maybe cook a healthy dinner, then sleep (too little) and repeat.

But you know, it just hit me. These are the days.

Whatever stage of life you are in right now, these are the days. The days to be worn ragged, to pour out love, to forge relationships, and to learn new things. The days to work hard and travel, to rest well, to take care of your body, to spend a Friday night at home alone because you just need to.

I look at my mom who is in her fifties, for her, too, these are the days. Her days to be out of town four weekends a row in four cities at conferences with my Dad, to be at college football games with her youngest daughter, and to be helping the oldest daughter move into a new house in a new city.  Her days to eat healthy, mentor younger girls, go shopping, share Jesus with young people in their 20s, and fall into bed every night exhausted.

You, young college girl. These are your days, your freshman year to rock, your senior year to be dazed and confused but thrilled, your in-between years to enjoy college for what it is and for what its not (the real world). Your days to make the most of - in light of and in spite of everything you have on your plate.

Jesus only lived for around 33 years, and look at his itinerary. He somehow built in hours of prayer time in the Garden right before he was betrayed and crucified. He had only about 3 years of ministry, but had time to closely disciple and pour into the lives of 12 men. He raised people from the dead, he was worshipped with expensive perfume offerings, and he was tempted by Satan himself. How’s that for an agenda?

No matter your age or stage of life, these are YOUR days. The ones you’ve been given. For right now. Don’t wait until the weekend to live fully, or until your next break to learn something new or read a book.

I’m in my first year of teaching. I get so busy that there are books piled over my head and papers coming out all of my belongings. The constant feeling that everything can be done better taunts me. And the work seems to never be done. But I can’t wait. I can’t live in limbo until May, waiting for “time” to enjoy life because the “time” will never really come.

photo by Ales Krivec

photo by Ales Krivec

It’s now or never.

Life is like cake batter: all mixed together and you can taste the ingredients and they’re delicious, but once mixed you can’t separate out the flour from the sugar from the vanilla. The sorrows of life are mixed right in with the highest joys and are parallel to the mundane obligations. You get one thing, you get it all. Life keeps moving on, and so we have today to devour, enjoy, and that’s all we are guaranteed.

Your today is likely a day full of obligations, privileges, joy, stress, people, and work. Enjoy each for what it is, not dreading it or wishing it away. Life is unpredictable - relish in that; the taste of it is rich.

Don’t wait for later; savor the now. Live every day as if you’re living for the Lord and not for men, for the fullest glory of the Kingdom that never ends, and you’ll find a fulfilling life because you’re living for what really matters.

-Mary Margaret Gunn // @margegunn

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