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Christine Vezarov
Carleton University
People. Jesus. Words. And don't forget avocado-banana smoothies - they're all my favorites. I am a 20-year-old journalism student in Ottawa, Canada. I fall in love with small, everyday moments and seek to leave behind as well as find pieces of God's beauty wherever I go. I frequent different coffee shops with soul sisters, blasting music while painting and exploring the secret spots of the city, camera in hand. I believe in joy, messy redemption stories, and daily adventure. Life is best lived celebrating all little things with your tribe by your side. My wander-heart hope is to tell people's stories from all over the world and use my words to encourage and build others up in Christ.

Erin Cosgrove
University of Arkansas
I am enthralled by people, pursued by Christ, passionately curious, and still trying to figure out how to walk in a straight line. Likes include fuzzy socks, sunshine-rain, and kale. Dislikes include whipped cream, dead sharpie pens, and technology. Hobbies include travel and the outdoors - whether that is hiking, biking, running, climbing, walking, or making a slip-n-slide out of a tarp and dish soap, you can sign me up. My life is broken, battered, and I am all-too imperfect. But there is beauty in my complete inadequacy. Life gets crazy, college gets busy, and relationships get tough. But Jesus is bringing me to my knees and leading me to the Truth that "happiness" is separate from "joy," and that it is okay to not be "happy" all the time. But in it all, I can choose to have joy because of a Loving Father who has already fought my chaos for me.

Hallie Ruth
Ohio University
My name is Hallie Ruth and I am from Columbus, Ohio. I am a sophomore at Ohio University studying Strategic Communications. One thing you should know about me is I love making people laugh. Nothing can brighten my mood more than Disney movies, country music, and Wendy's chicken nuggets. For fun, I love anything with a good old fashioned competition. I am super competitive when it comes to board games, so I always love a good game night. I am always ready for a new adventure; I love horseback riding, fishing, and zip-lining. I am so excited to grow closer to Jesus through writing with Delight! Through writing my prayers, thoughts, and intentions over the years, I have begun to know Jesus better and love Him in a more complete way. I cannot wait to see what Jesus calls me to share with all of you!

JesseRuth Parrish
Auburn University alum
I come from the wonderful state of North Carolina. Among its beautiful mix of mountains and beaches, I spent most of my days at the barn enjoying the beauty God made that is the horse. When I was not at the barn, I spent time with family, friends, and my dogs. Then, the time came to go to college, so I picked up and moved to the state of Alabama, where I attended Auburn. There, I did the same thing as I did in North Carolina - horses, friends, family, and dogs. I graduated as an Animal Science major with a passion for horses and share the hope that God provides. Currently, I work with horses, using them as therapy for children with emotional, physical, and mental disabilities. My life goal is to show them that God is the hope that anchors us in all things. With Him, we can weather any storm.

Kaity Bryant
University of North Carolina Wilmington
My name is Kaity Bryant. I was born and raised in a town right outside of Portland, Oregon but my family moved to Waxhaw, North Carolina right before I turned 13. I am a junior at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington which is about 10 minutes from Wrightsville Beach. I spend most of my time with my sweet little puppy. I love snuggling up and reading, dance parties, and museum dates (I'm a totally history geek); but if I were to choose one activity do for the rest of my life, it would be hiking. There's something about looking out over the mountains and seeing our Father's beautiful creation that simply captivates me every time. My favorite way to love Jesus is through my quiet time. Whether I'm reading my bible, singing worship music at the top of my lungs in the car, or dancing around the living room to Hillsong Young & Free, it's all for the Lord and I'm so thankful to be a part of His Kingdom here on earth.

Morgan Jackson
Liberty University
Hi, my name is Morgan! I am currently studying professional communication at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, but home for me is a big cow farm in the middle of nowhere, West Virginia. If I were to plan the perfect day with you, it would start with hot cups of coffee and end with vanilla ice cream cones and fireworks. In the middle, there would be good music, cozy blankets, and hours spent meandering throughout bookstores. Loving Jesus for me in this season looks like sharing meals with and listening to the stories of girls in my dorm, writing, and doing life with the awesome people at my church.

Sydney Hornsby
Hanover College
Hey, I'm Sydney! I call scenic southern Indiana my home and I am a junior at Hanover College where I study English and Creative Writing. You can find me having deep conversations over tea, gathering around the table with family and friends, reading and writing my heart out, and hiking the river bluffs around Hanover. I'm a lefty, find it hilarious when people fall down (as long as they don't hurt themselves), and have a soft spot for the mountains, all things Christmas, snail mail, and road trips. The Lord astounds me with His glorious grace and I love this lifelong, wild adventure of becoming like Jesus. My prayer is that through the worship in my words, I reveal the beauty of Him and Him alone. I am so honored to journey alongside you!

Zoe Campbell
Oklahoma State University
Hi, friends! My name is Zoe Campbell. I was born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma. I am currently a sophomore studying Communication Sciences and Disorders at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Go Pokes! I am just your average, coffee-drinking, big t-shirt-wearing, Jesus-loving college girl. I love photography, coffee, early mornings, sunflowers, the color pink, blogging, football, autumn, and baking. I love everything about community, movies, friendships, heart-to-hearts, and the sunshine. I love learning from our Sweet Redeeming Savior and loving on Him through worship, quiet time, reading scripture, and through experiences we walk through together!

Bri Emerzian
Pepperdine University
Hi! I'm Brianna Emerzian, but everyone calls me Bri. I'm from Huntington Beach, a small beach town in Southern California, and I am currently a Psychology major at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. When I'm not over-analyzing life or asking a plethora of questions (struggle of too many psychology classes), I like to read psychological thrillers, spend time at the beach, hunt down rad coffee shops, and eat ice cream. God instilled in me passions for people and conversation, for developing relationships and being vulnerable, and for exploring His creation. I love to give Him glory through loving others vibrantly and always trying to delight in Him no matter the circumstance. I am hyped to share His love and His teachings in my life with you guys!

Madi Wiese
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
I'm Madi! Lover of wiener dogs, coffee, thrift shops, and writing. Bellingham, Washington is the place I call home but right now I am studying in California - where evergreen trees are sparse and rain is a foreign concept. Humor and good friends are the best formula for fun and I have recently discovered my love for finger painting. Honest writing is where I process my experiences and start to understand who God is to me. Vulnerability and raw conversation is another way I see who God is and how much He loves!

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