A New Year's Letter

Maybe you feel the relief of leaving behind some toxicity in 2015, and maybe you staggered into 2016 with too-heavy bags. These last few days were a blur of celebration, yeah, and numbers changed and time kept ticking. Life keeps moving.

And maybe you just don’t know how to think about this next year because you had no idea this was how the last year would play out. So you stand through the doorway, fear-struck with one foot in each room, begging God for some peace and happier days before you put both feet through.

I want you to join with me on something.

Regardless of all the resolutions you've created lists about or kept vague ideas hushed in your head, I hope we put rest, grace and freedom at the very, very top.

And if this letter isn’t addressed to you, maybe it’s for me…


Dear heart,

You’re perfectly okay. I see you… Behind your wonderful smile and Instagram feed. Behind the “I have it all together” way you carry yourself, the time you give so others know My Love, and the grades you claim to almost magically keep up. I see you behind the façade – let’s go deeper.

I want you to know you’re enough. Right. Now.

You can slow down, climb into My arms, and stay there to feel My heartbeat. Just because things don't always (read: almost ever) go your way, it doesn't mean My hands aren’t in it. It doesn't mean I don’t love you or that I’m looking down at you, shaking my head with disappointment. Darling, My sleeves are rolled up, and I’m lying on the ground right beside you in the dirt, the mess, the “baggage” you hate so much.

Yes, the clock may be ticking and the days may be spinning by faster than they ever have, but the Lord your God loves you all the days and seconds of your life. No matter your circumstances, your past, or your present. How long or how hard you try, and whether or not things ever look like they’ll “finally go your way”—

Rest in the fact that you are loved and fiercely sought after. I am the Lover of your soul and I see all the deepest parts of your heart. I will do wonderful, Heavenly things—big and small— with every piece you give Me. I will shape you, remind you of who and Whose you are, and create a heart a little more broken, maybe, but a lot more beautiful. In 360 days from now, when you look back on this new year, the girl in the mirror may look the same (or maybe her hair is a little shorter or longer), but she will be exactly where she needs to be. Because she chooses Me. Because she trusts Me. Because she cries out to Me. And I honor that. And she won’t be the same girl who’s looking at your reflection right now: I am writing your redemption story, sentence by sentence. Word by word.

Lace up your shoes and open your arms. Run indefinitely into Grace, clinging to Truth. Despite what people think or the identity the world tries to force on you— with or without an educational degree; four digits in your bank account or just enough to pay this month’s rent; detailed future plans or taking it one day at a time; single or just about to update your relationship status; scholarship or not— you will always be more than enough for Me. Please don’t listen to the lies, the fear incarnated in voices and messages that try to define your worth by temporary things— it won’t matter a million years from now when you are still dancing with your Prince of Peace. You are Mine. And Grace is for you, with you, and in you to give: to yourself and to others.

Find Freedom – hidden in moments and dust. You’ll find this joy in the people who love your soul similarly to how I do, the things you adore “losing time” doing, the beauty you see and think about. Look for Me in all little things— I’m there, dear heart. I’m in words on pages and in the faces of strangers brushing past your elbows. I’m in colors exploding in the sky at dawn and twinkly lights. I’m in friends who have your back when the going gets tough and I’m in belly-hurts of echoing laughter. I’m in every moment so small you may very well miss it if you don’t really see. Because this life in its entirety and simplicity – it is beautiful. And so are you. You're a part of this. You are intricately and intentionally knit together to be in My grand story. You have purpose. Reach out your hand: freedom is yours.

Heart, Hope is real and alive and dwelling and you. Know that. And whatever this year may bring, with whatever stress and situations you didn't see coming, I hope you take every moment to Rest in the eternal Truth that you are enough; I hope you give yourself Grace all the days of your life; and I hope you seek a Freedom to saturate every ounce of your story.

Because you are Mine.

And you are enough.

You are enough.

You are enough.

(And that is the Truth.)

-Christine Vezarov // @thisbechristine

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