The circles you're running in don't have to be unending anymore. You don't have to walk like a blind man, stumbling along. You don't have to feel far away from real life, like a woman in a desert. You can feel alive and not just mundanely living. Feeling ignored like the carefully crafted graffiti isn't an emotion that any woman should feel. Because you're just that: carefully crafted. You were built with intent. You are more. The spirit pulsing inside of you shouldn't be crushed by the weight in your veins. Why? Because the heavy weight of shame, neglect, and embarrassment shouldn't be dwelling in your mind in the first place. Your intrinsic worth begs to be recognized and walked in. 

 He has called you by name. He has a purposeful blueprint that's titled with your name. Your searching has no worth. He has chosen you, regardless. Even if you don't understand, He still chooses you. Even if you feel unworthy; don't worry, you are, but He still chooses you. Even if you feel you aren't in the right place to be loved, it doesn't matter. He still chooses you. 

The Father's heartbeat is closer than you think, you just have to stop, ask, and feel. All it takes is a simple whisper, "Abba." He is so close within your grasp. You just have to reach out and beckon because He is closer than your breath. He is constantly and quietly shaking off the dust around you and making way just for you. There's no one thing that can keep your gracious God's untainted love from you. Nothing that can take His favor. Nothing will remove the delight He finds in you. Your name is written on His palm. Your Father will gladly reach out and break your chains so you can be set free and put to dancing. He is unrelenting, always pursuing, and completely compassionate. You are so undeserving. I am so undeserving. But that's what His grace is. You can't earn it. You can't work for what you believe is rightfully yours. His grace is perfect beyond measure and it can't ever be bought, sold, or exchanged. His hands hold you so closely. He desires you to meet Him right where you are. You are finally whole, renewed in His perfect grace and mercy. 

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Hey there, I'm Caity! Even though I'm from a small town in southern Louisiana, I crave adrenaline given to me from city life. Beautiful words completely excite me. I'm a shameless red lipstick and coffee addict. I'm the oldest of three children and the mommy to a little four-year-old girl who can't have enough of the color pink and glitter. I'm utterly passionate about using words and photographs to show God's love, grace, and justice to the world.