I was having a conversation with a missionary the other day and something clicked. Now when I say I was hanging out with a missionary you can probably assume that I was inspired by all of the stories of her travels, awed by the danger she had to overcome when she smuggled those bibles across the border, humbled by the way she left everything behind to chase after a life so many are scared to step into.  In reality, I experienced all of those emotions: inspiration, awesomeness, and humility. But those emotions came out of the very fact that her form of the Great Commission, the call to “go,” was the courageous act to choose to stay right where she had been all along.

We all know the verse, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:16-19)

“go” definition: to move or travel; proceed. 

Most of us would like to think of ourselves as exciting, as adventurers, as dreamers, as goers. This day in age, the thing to do is explore and see new things, to experience as much as we possibly can, to never stop moving. We are pressured every day by the media: elitedaily articles (25 Places Every 20 Year Old MUST See), TV shows, and Instagram feeds that for some reason show that it’s 110% possible to drop everything at any moment and be a famous blogger that flies to a different country every week! Not that traveling is bad, it has a way of opening our eyes. But what I’m realizing now is that this command from our Father, the call to “Go,” can mean to take action right where you are. To, instead, dig deeper into the hearts you’ve already connected with through countless hours of conversation over coffee, prayers over dinners, and cries over trials. I’d love to see someone try to Insta that!

What inspired me the most about Kelly, is that for her, it took more courage to stay right where she was at and spread Jesus’ love than to run off to Asia or Europe (which she had plenty of opportunity to do!). Remaining inside her comfort zone quickly turned into moving outside of her comfort zone. She was scared people might view her as a woman unable to be brave and take a risk. Would staying make her look spiritually weak and incapable of going?

Staying not only took more strength but it has made her stronger.  Kelly realized that she had to listen to what God was saying, not the world. She recognized that while everyone else went, God was presenting her with the unique gift of staying to continue to water the seeds she had planted and taken such good and gentle care of over the years. She wasn’t done yet, there was more work to be done that only SHE was designed to “go” do. That’s brave.  

Summer is here! Wherever you are this season: at home, on a plane flying to Italy, or at summer school, remember that there is no excuse to not go and do. You have been strategically placed in the environment and community you are in. That is exactly where God desires you to be. So go, and with your eyes and heart wide open you are bound to discover a beautiful adventure lies close ahead. 

Kesleah // @kesleahhall