God's Humor

A few weeks ago I was about to get in my bed to go to sleep, when I noticed a bee buzzing around my room. I’m so terrified of bugs, but I had to kill it because I couldn’t sleep knowing that thing was alive. When it landed on the pull chain of my ceiling fan I armed myself with a tennis shoe and gave myself a 10 minute pep talk. Fear and adrenaline coursed through my veins as I swung back to swat. I missed. I winded back again for a second attempt and missed again. On the third try I hit it so hard that I fell back onto my bed. When I landed though, I felt a weird twinge on my thigh. I got up and looked back and there was the bee flopping around on my bed under me. I ran into my roommate’s room screaming in pain and laughing at the ridiculousness of what just happened. I was stung twice by sitting on a bee.

 Later, because I ponder a lot about the purpose of minuscule events; I was thinking about why that incident with the bee happened. It was such a strange, funny moment but it wasn’t a ground breaking epiphany or a much-needed lesson to learn; just a funny little episode of me sitting on a bee. Then I giggled again at how absurd the whole thing was and concluded that surely God has a sense of humor, and he uses it to draw us deeper into him.

 I think a lot of times we separate ourselves so much from God because of how mighty he is and we think there’s no way He could be so similar to mere humans. But the reality is that it’s just the opposite. If we were made in His image then surely humanity is a medium through which God expresses Himself. He just wants us to share in the joy of life and who better to make us laugh than the One who knows exactly how to do it because He knows us so intimately. But He doesn't stop there. God was certainly using this to show me His heart, but not just his jokester side.

 How humbling it was to see that this big bad human could swat a tiny bee and still get stung by it twice. We can’t see God if we’re looking at ourselves. If we build up ourselves the point of invincibility then there’s no need for God, we all know that’s a dangerous state. It’s in humility that He shines through. It’s when we realize that we are small and weak and unable that He can help us most.

 - Alex // @al_steele