We are Difference Makers

Every time I go on Facebook my attention immediately darts to the sidebar news. Ive developed a habit of checking whats going on in the world before anything else. Majority of the time, the headlines presented are negative. They induce fear and are quick to point out the worlds negative side. Seeing these kind of stories usually leads me to generalize the world as a scary, everyones-out-to-get-me, were-all-doomed kind of place.

But in doing so, Ive massively overlooked my whole purpose in being here and existing in this moment.

I believe that every single morning we open our eyes, breathe, and have blood pumping through our veins is Gods way of telling us we have another shot at making this world a less daunting place. Some days it might seem as if the world contains more evil than good. But we have a say in that percentagewe are difference makers.

Our existence alone is a glorious thing. Having a God who believes in us enough to clear the playing field and let us have another shot every morning (despite our tendency to mess up) seems almost too good to be true. But thats the beauty of itHe believes in us so immensely that our track record becomes obsolete. He believes in who we were created to be. He looks at us and sees potential.

Every. single. day.

The mere fact that you are here identifies you as someone with a purpose on this earth. God sees greatness in us where we may see nothing. When we wake up and view every new day as a real gift, the game changes. Its exciting. Each day becomes an adventure.

You can be the reason someone gets better. The reason a new thought springs up in his or her mind. A thought which can potentially turn to action and impact another life. And you have the opportunity every day to make those thoughts positive. (Yes, you.)

Not only is this an opportunity, its how we are called to live our lives.

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

[John 13:35, NIV]

Love is our identifier. But our love means nothing unless we put it into action. Thinking loving thoughts is wonderful, but theyre meant to be shared. People experience change and growth in the action of love. Joy is not a party of one.

I have lived the alternative. Keeping joy to ourselves brings no benefit to us or anyone around us, and definitely no glory God. It can be difficult sometimes, especially on days we dont feel up to the task. But I want to challenge you to start small and love regardless of how you feel. If a kind thought crosses your mind, tell that person. They are most likely on your mind for a reason.

You never know what someone else might need to hear. Every single one of us can speak words capable of healing and with each morning we are presented a fresh chance to do so.

So while youre sipping on your morning coffee and perusing Facebook, remember the power and opportunity that the Lord brings with each day. Dont let the news overwhelm you; youre here and because of your existence, you are capable of world-changing things. 

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Hi, Im Molly. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Saint Louis but feel most at home in Nashville. Im a sophomore at Belmont University and am spending the current semester in Prague. My life can be measured through a series of playlists, coffee shops, and books. I believe nothing can turn a day around quite like cookies and a good Michael Jackson dance party. God makes himself known to me through daily encounters- from people and places to the small moments. I think words possess a unique power in life and am thrilled to be writing with Delight!