The Perfect way to spend a summer day

Although we hate to admit it, there are some summer days where we just feel flat out lonely. We spend one too many hours laying in bed or moving from couch to couch with our beloved Netflix. We incessantly scroll through our social media or "check the time" on our phones every 2 seconds to see if anyone has texted us yet. This waiting and trying to keep up with all of the fun things other people seem to be doing can be exhausting and discouraging, just leaving us even lonelier than before. We often forget that we aren't the only ones feeling alone, so what better way to spend your summer day then making sure someone else isn't feeling the loneliness? 

One way we've combatted this feeling is by getting in touch with our creative side and sending some good, old-fashioned snail mail. No one can deny that giddy feeling you get deep in your belly when you find an envelope with your name on it sitting in your mailbox, even if it is just a flier from the local dry cleaners or a Happy Birthday card from the aunt who forgot you turned 19 two years ago. We loved sitting down in the midst of our week to spread some love and summertime encouragement through the post. 

This summer, we've all got friends in different places. Some are across the world roaming the streets of a brand new country, or knee deep in a stack of files that have accumulated in their tiny cubicle, others being goofy with kids at summer camp, or maybe even some are at home just down the street from you. Regardless of what we may be doing, we could always use a boost of positivity and a reminder that we are cared for, loved, and supported. This may just be in the form of a little note reminding us that we aren't alone in this wild and crazy season. 

"Encourage one another and build each other up, just as you are doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Spend some time today praying that the Lord will reveal to you a friend who needs some encouragement. When you think of someone, take a break from the Netflix episode or the mindless time spent scrolling through Instagram and get creative with that pen and paper. It doesn't have to be an elaborate work of art. More often than not, simplicity does the trick. Besides, all that really matters are the words that are going to be used to give someone an extra boost of energy or get them through that tough day at the office. 

So today, make a quick pit stop at your local art store and pick up some supplies that might inspire you to write this letter. Think of something special you can say that will really bring a smile to someone's face. And do it. Send it. Encourage one another and know that you are never alone in feeling lonely.