Lessons From Jesus Genealogy


When is it hardest to trust God? Isn't it when the flowers don't bloom, the trees don't give off fruit, when the rain refuse to drop, when seasons of change just keeps transitioning without a sight of victory? Isn't it when the maze in your head keeps changing its pattern, not knowing when or how you'll reach the end?

I wonder how it must've been for the prophets of old to anticipate of the promised Messiah. They searched and searched, seeking after the revelation of when and how he was to be born. What would he will be like,  His ways, His stand or on which city He will live in. But yet in the end,  they still weren't able to witness him with their own eyes. And that's why the Bible calls us blessed,  because these prophets longed to see what we see and to hear what we hear. 

No matter how old we are,  what we've accomplished,  what we're pursuing and how life is like for us, we all anticipate something. I find it interesting how Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes 3:10-11

"I have seen the burden God has placed on us all. Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end."

I find it intriguing to read the word "burden". I believe that somehow our dreams,  desires and passion become heavy loads on our back. Because people, places,  time, finances and events don't always fall into place as easily as we have planned. But yet we push through, we fight for what we want, for the people we love, we do our best and we work hard. Is God then deaf as to not hear our prayers? Is He blind to our pains,  frustrations and broken hearts? He's neither. 

Anything done in our lives is derived from the plan He has in mind. 

As you grow deeper in Christ, it becomes clearer that anything He allows, people, events, circumstances, everything, will eventually teach our hearts to depend on Him. That God doesn't just bless us through open doors, but more so through closed ones. That these burdens are here presently so that we have something beautiful to look forward to.

A few weeks ago,  I was hungry and thirsty seeking after God's presence. I prayed,  "Holy Spirit lead me to the right passage and speak to me personally". Eyes closed, expecting to read a meaty passage,  I randomly opened my bible and found Matthew chapter 1. "Oookkaaayyy?", I said. At a glance, it was nothing but a record of names, it looked insignificant to what was in my heart. But as I read it again and looked deeper,  I saw something important.

Jesus' ancestors.

A murderer,  adulterer, a son born through adultery,  a crooked king,  a Shepherd boy,  a prophet, a priest,  a business man, a homeless girl, a carpenter and many other. Different lives and history attached to different names.  Some obeyed God until the end, while some followed the dictates of their hearts and even contributed to the death and suffering of God's people. But yet God chose these generations to bring forth the promised Salvation, Jesus Christ.

Honestly speaking,  I've skipped many passages in the bible that are similar to this. How many times have you skipped this one? How many times have you looked for verses that feels right and suits your emotions? How many times have you looked at your current situation and perceived it as insignificant to the promise God has given in your life? How many seasons have you witnessed go by?

I believe in the inerrancy of the bible. That even through the genealogy of Christ,  God speaks of hope, His glory and splendor.

No matter how many unfruitful seasons had passed, always remember that a tree must first mature and soon it will bear it's fruit in the right time and season.

God loves to prove the impossible, possible. He loves to go against the current. He loves to stretch our faith so that it'll expand and grow.

God used these men and women filled with human errors. So don't lose hope,  the story isn't done yet. The situation may be bad, you might have already hit rock bottom, but have faith God is able to turn things around.

He makes no mistake in choosing every instrument to bring forth the promise He has given us and to mold us in the likeness of His Son.  In whatever time and season you are in, look at it as another name that needs to be written down. And someday, you will finally witness the manifestation of God's promise.

- Kaye // @kayeohliveare