The Ladies Behind Delight: Meet Paige!



Meet Paige! Paige is a senior English major at Belmont University, and in her spare time, she loves working at Anthropologie, coaching a sweet middle school dance team, and freelance blogging and editing! Paige pursues writing through her own personal blog, "The In Between," and through a custom stationary company, "Emily O. Holmes." Otherwise, you can usually find her with her nose in a book if she is not spending time with her friends at coffee shops, on a walk with her fiancé, or at the newest restaurants in Nash!

We were so excited to get the opportunity to sit down with Paige and ask her a couple of questions. And besides, we thought it was about time you all got to meet some of the wonderful ladies that make Delight come to life. Take a look!

Name: Paige Lauren Woods (soon to be Sottek!)

Age: 21

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Role in Delight: Editor/Contributor 

Being an editor for Delight is my greatest joy! I have the ability to read everyone's stories as they come in, praying and thinking about how they will be pursued over the next few months. Besides just general content editing, I make sure the story is communicated clearly. 

I have also had the ability to contribute to Delight through forming a devotion for Erin's summer story. I absolutely loved working with her story and intwining major themes for women to think through during the week. 

How did you first get connected with Delight? 

I heard about Delight from one of my good friends, and I decided to come one fall afternoon. I absolutely loved the community and my initial experiences with the group. It has changed my entire college experience. 

How do you choose to "delight?"

It's so hard to wake up and decide not to choose yourself. Instead, I try to choose to delight in my friends and family around me, in the little moments where I can say a quick prayer, right before I go to sleep and chat with God, in the current experiences that I am living in, through writing and blogging about all the joy He brings me. 

What are 5 things that bring you instant joy?

  1. Nathan's awesome hugs

  2. Going on walks at Radnor Lake

  3. Manicures (so guilty…)

  4. Baking with my BFF, Em

  5. Doing photo shoots for my blog with my blogger bestie, Katie 

If you want to check out Paige's personal blog for yourself, you can find it  here or find her on Instagram: @theinbetweenblog! 

Tune back in next week to meet another member of the Delight team!

- Your Delight Interns