Toss it

I recently did some Spring cleaning and boy did it feel good! Purging the closet of items I hadn’t looked at in years, dusting off my entire desk and not just around the picture frames. I filled garbage bags with items that may have once held value, but are now just taking up space for the more valuable ones.


I did this act of “Spring cleaning” not only to my bedroom, but also to my car, work desk, and refrigerator, (the latter being the scariest). It all took a lot of time, tons of motivation, and most importantly the simple realization that those spaces needed to be de-cluttered before I could move forward, breathe, and function productively within them. 


But what about life? I started considering that it, too, may need my attention in this way - a little seasonal cleaning. This life we live is full of transition and opportunity and we are designed by God to live it for Him, and to live it in a beautiful manner. However, life seems to present us with daily obstacles that try their best to get in the way of that. Some of these obstacles can be addictions or idols, others can be negative thoughts about ourselves, and finally, one of our greatest obstacles, people.


Satan has a way of attempting to use everything within his might to drive us off the path of joy. It is up to us to recognize what is unhealthy in our lives and distracting us from "living it to the fullest." In the space that is life for me, I’ve recently realized that there are in fact things that must go. Sometimes it hurts. And the thought of removing something that has been there for so long is terrifying. Yet, it is a necessity for me to continue to pursue God’s purpose and plan for my life and de-cluttering may be what needs to take place in order to do that. 


This week, I want to challenge you to take a look around. What are those things that are distracting you from moving forward, being productive, and grasping genuine joy? Has a friend that used to be close to you began to be toxic? Are you spending so much time buried in Instagram and Facebook that you’re beginning to lose touch of reality? Is your job and money taking priority over relationships and family? Is the pursuit of your dream and passion distracting you from pursuing a more committed and passionate relationship with God?


For a while now you may have been like me, just doing life, day in and day out, working around the obstacles, acting like they’re not really there - just like dusting around the frames. But now it is time. It is time to stop the mess from piling up before you drown; choosing to take care of yourself and identify what is in the way of that. It is time to find the motivation to clean up. It won’t be easy and it may take a lot of courage. But once you do choose to act, the healing process will begin and you will find yourself feeling renewed, fresh, and ready to start living joyously again. You will be available to receive what God wants you to receive because nothing else will be holding your attention that shouldn’t be.


- Kesleah // @kesleahhall