Seeking The Path of Confirmation

“I felt like I should come over to you and tell you that your story meant so much to me.” After ordering my regular, black coffee and M&M cookie from Panera, I headed to my comfy table for one. I laid down my things and walked over to the coffee station, but someone caught my arm. A young woman that was dressed in an apron, gloves, and hat working there.  She asked me if I was the woman that spoke a few weeks ago at the Next Door. I said “yes!” Then she proceeded to tell me the speech gave her so much encouragement. I was so overcome with joy that I touched someone through my message that I threw my arms around her and gave her the biggest hug. Someone was actually impacted by my passion and that felt incredible. However, after pondering it some more, I started to realize that her coming to me was no coincidence; in fact it was so completely strategic. She was being used as a conduit, a channel of God’s confirmation to me.

Recently I’ve been trying desperately to find confirmation of my passions and discover my purpose. I’ve been pushing myself, overloading my schedule with networking events and meetings, saying yes to every opportunity, filling my weekdays after work with socializing, researching articles such as “20 Things You Should be Doing in Your 20s,” “How to Live Out Your Passion,” and “What to Do when You’re Stuck.” But what I’m realizing now is those are not the places I should be searching for a spark, confirmation, or direction. Instead, I should be looking to the Director of my life, to the One that gave me this life to live in the first place.

If we look around us and stop growing anxious, God will show up. He will show up in the most magnificent ways that are accustomed to our personalities.  It may be through a virtual mentor such as the Delight Summer Series, an inspirational song, or through a person in your life. He will guide us. He will confirm our paths. In my case, it was a person who heard me speak at an event that God gave me the boldness to, to walk up to me without knowing me and tell me I am an impactful speaker. I know in my heart God has given me the gift of speaking but I sometimes doubt if I should keep pursing it. Well, now I’ve been confirmed that I am on the right path. I didn’t have to go searching for it in an article or find it on my own, it came to me. It came to me perfectly, unexpectedly, and gracefully.

If you are in a place such as I’ve been - searching for confirmation of the path you are pursuing. I want to encourage you with these steps.

1. Get in the Word. It is so much more encouraging when you can see if what you are acting upon in your life is confirmed in the Bible as God’s will. 

2. Live in Prayer. Give what you feel is your calling back to God. Talk to him and submit any worries or concerns to him.

3. Find a mentor. Whether he/she is someone you look up to in your life that has a spiritual and wise background or a virtual mentor, find one and ask the tough questions. Pray together and ask for discernment. Right now I am studying Priscilla Shirer, I have her books, podcasts, and CDs. I seek out her wisdom every day and know she has a solid relationship with the Lord.

4. Let go of control. Find unique ways to let go and focus on others. Help a coworker, write notes to your friends, call your mother, and become selfless. These types of actions when paired with a gracious heart leave room and space for God to work and for your heart to become more full and prepared for confirmation. 

5. Stop searching. Do not be tempted to take on the world’s view of what your passions or purpose should look like. Remember you are uniquely you and God created a vast majority of people that know Him in order to meet the needs of a vast majority who do not know Him yet. If you have accepted Jesus, then you have a divine purpose.


- Kesleah // @kesleahhall