The Ladies Behind Delight: Meet Jenna

Meet Jenna!! Jenna is a junior at Belmont University majoring in Audio and Video Production. Although she primarily works at Panera, she also runs a semi-successful YouTube channel (jennaclarek) where she talks about books. Jenna also has her own photography business, cleverly named Jenna Clare Photography. When she isn't managing her own career, Jenna spends her time reading fantasy novels, making extensive playlists, and talking to her numerous Internet friends on Twitter. 

We were very excited to get to know another one of the wonderful and creative ladies that help bring Delight to life. Being able to ask questions and hear the way these girls talk about Delight is so encouraging and fun! With that said, we can't wait for everyone to get to know her too! Take a look!

Name: Jenna Clare Kilpinen

Age: 20

Hometown: Valparaiso, IN

Role in Delight: Photographer/Videographer + Blogger

Primarily, I am the girl behind the camera at Delight (and that's just how I like it!). I usually take product and promotional photos, and I often photograph Belmont Delight events such as worship nights and community parties. Recently, I also made the jump to Delight videographer after filming and editing the Delight Summer Series video. Even though I never would have predicted it, this position has become a huge part of my life. 

I am also apart of the current Delight blogging team for the summer of 2015! Every month I write up a piece of what's been on my heart and share it with girls across the country. It's such a fantastic platform to use to share my words and myself, and I am so blessed to be able to do so!

How did you first get connected with Delight? 

I came across Delight through a university ministries retreat during my freshman year of college. At the retreat, I met Mackenzie Wilson and Emily Weisband and a few other girls, and they all raved about Delight. I went to a few meetings, but it wasn’t until I attended my first Delight Worship night that things started to happen. I took it upon myself to photograph the entire night and, of course, put it up on Facebook. This continued over the course of my freshman year, and eventually that’s how I was known: the girl who took photos at Delight events. I didn’t really know the girls very well, but through my obnoxious picture taking, I became extremely connected to the community. 

How do you choose to "delight?"

My life is a constant decision to choose to “delight.” Recently, I have been trying to be more grateful and more delightful, so to speak. Because I am so blessed, I want my blessings to connect back to God, and I want to use them to spark my passion for Christ. Often, during moments in my day, I find myself just saying a quick “thank you” to God. Sometimes this happens when I’m just driving in my car, sometimes this happens when I get some particularly good news, but always this grounds me. It also reminds me to “delight" more often. When I start to point out my blessings as they happen, it makes me seek them out more and more.

What are 5 things that bring you instant joy?

1. Driving by myself with the perfect playlist blasting

2. Watching Perks of Being a Wallflower with my best friend Laura

3. Photographing almost anything

4. Taylor Swift

5. Reading a particularly good book 

Don't forget to check out Jenna's youtube channel (link above), her awesome Facebook photography page here, and also over on Instagram at @jennaclarek!

- Your Delight Interns // Maggie & Grace