Your next facebook status

Living in a time where "as long it feels good, it's all good," I believe that we as followers and ambassadors of Christ are called to speak louder than this strongly opinionated generation.

We all have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs or some kind of platform to voice our opinions. Use them well, season every word with salt, and let the voice of Christ in you be heard.

As I scroll through social media, some people have 300, 400, 500 or more followers and that's a crowd right there. You have so much influence, so many hearts to touch and spark with your thoughts and words. 

What are your posts about? What are you celebrating? What is your stand?

As I work with different young people and professionals, I see that some look up to me without me even knowing. In the years of leading these people, I have learned that living into the gospel of Christ requires me as a whole. This includes the way I dress, talk, write and live in general, no matter where I am or who I'm meeting. I'm still learning to polish my integrity as a servant of Christ by reflecting my honor towards God in everything I do or say. Through out this process I have learned through the hard and bitter lessons. 

I'm a playful kind of person and love to pull pranks and fool around with friends. One time I went overboard and hacked my co-workers Facebook after she left her phone on the table (yes I know I shouldn't have, but I did). I went on her page and posted a pretend childhood confession. About 20 or more of her family and friends commented on her post and as I should have expected, she got mad at me. It was so hard to hear what she had to say to me and I felt judged more than what my actions deserved. But I had to accept her anger and hurt and it was so hard to gain her forgiveness.

I felt ashamed of what I had done and from then on I learned to ask God to help me honor everyone that I worked with. I believe that's what God wants. But the situation caused me to ask an even bigger question, how was I to speak about Christ to her if my actions weren't Christ-like at all?

As we continue to grow in every area of our lives, our thoughts, relationships, career, and even our Facebook status should reflect the Invisible One who is within us. As I see it now, all my social media accounts are pulpits for me to take a stand and share about Christ. The wonderful thing about it is that my crowd is not limited to the people closely surrounding me. Someone from the end of the globe might be reading this right now, completely opposite from where I'm sitting in the Philippines. I'm so blessed at the thought that though I cannot see or meet the people that read this, I know that the word of God is working and has set out to accomplish His mission in them. 

And God can use you as well. Maybe there's a word in your heart from God that needs to be heard by someone. Let HIM be heard. If one like can go viral, imagine what a few words could do. 

Let's not be content with our generation getting their identity from the opinions of the world rather than Christ and His word. Let's not be tired or wearied of pushing forth change in our community. Let's do something about the viral feeds, webcasts, news, thoughts, posts and tweets that are garnering millions of likes but are total rebellion against God. Let's meet this generation where they are, let's go to them and enter in and let Christ be known.

Be careful of what you celebrate. Study things through the eyes of God. Interrogate it with God's word, always filter out the negative or untrue. 

So I challenge you today to always stand firm in your faith. Live under the standard of God in the midst of the twisted "freedom, equality and justice."

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." -Proverbs 22:6 

When the Bible tells us to train up a child, it is telling us to make this generation thirst for Christ. What are you feeding to this generation? Is it making them thirst for Christ? Make a change. Write your next post differently. Preach JESUS IS LORD over this generation!

- Kaye // @kayeohliveare