Daughter of the Light

There are endless qualms of the heavy-hearted, and many-a-heavy hearted being served their own. For we are all broken, unique in our brokenness. Any pain that currently greets you is divergent from any other pain felt by any other person on Earth. All pain, though, stems from the ways that our various hearts break. But no matter which direction they break, they break for the world, you see? Our hearts break not for the Lord, but rather for the brokenness we encounter in this world. For our God we feel no disdain, but in this fleeting moment called “life,” we break for what surrounds us. 

You are walking on an unsteady tightrope, trying to make your way through the inevitable. You’re imbalanced, craving deeply to know when you may walk steadily again, but just when hope seems beyond grasp, you stop looking down at your own feet. Rather, you look up to see a light at the end of the rope. Though you cannot fully reach the light, your extended arms propel an unexplainable balance. You are peaceful and steady, merely due to the fact that you are seeking the light beyond you.

My dear sweet friend, I can’t imagine your personal brokenness, but I understand heartbreak all the same. You have trouble understanding the messes- the stresses that propel daily deaths in your spirit. But please, be assured of this: Even in seasons when it’s been required of you to numbly, put one foot in front of the other, that light in the distance remains, calling to you to look up amidst the messes. 

While the heaviness of heart remains, please remember that any rope we walk or trial we face is not the true battle at hand...it's what's woven in the fight that is imperative; it’s how we fight for good and walk towards the light in the wake of our own personal heartbreaks. To our God we owe that much, for it is by Him that the battle has already been won. The Lord gently carries our broken hearts and tainted souls in His hands. And with each bat of an eye, each click of these keys, each second in time, we are a new moment closer to an eternity so beautifully orchestrated by the greatest act of love in existence; An eternity offered to us because of a God who conquers the unexplainable battles we so often feel we face alone in our brokenness; An eternity with our loves ones in which all facets of our earthly-bound flaws spill over, and we no longer harbor the burden of what breaks us. 

So stand firm in your qualms, and lift up your heavy heart. Above all, embrace your messes with arms reached towards the light. With them, you are blessed. Through them, you are chosen. And in them, you're renewed and breathtaking…broken no more.  

- Erin // @drews_barrymore