The Ladies Behind Delight: Meet Margot!

Meet Margot! Margot just graduated from Belmont University with a degree in Public Relations. She is now a freelance handletterer and graphic designer. She has always been artistically wired, but originally thought she would be a writer, using a blog as an outlet. Through a few different internships, Margot found her passion for design. She loves the idea of simplicity and only committing to a couple things and really pouring your heart into them. The simplicity in her life even plays a part in how she decorates her house and comes up with her amazing designs. Most importantly, Margot is constantly looking to create space for God to move. In her free time, you can find Margot reading, painting, tending to her garden, or planning her wedding that takes place next month. (EEP!)

We were so excited to get the opportunity to sit down with Margot and ask her a couple questions. The second we walked into her house we couldn't stop squealing at how cute it was, and how cute she is! Take a look!

Name: Margot Alexandra Lied (soon to be Growner!)

Age: 22

Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Role in Delight: Summer Series Graphic Designer

I have gotten to work with Delight as their graphic designer! After having a public relations class with MacKenzie, we started brainstorming ways we could use some of our class projects for Delight. Through those projects, the Summer Series and Delight t-shirts were born! Those are just a couple of the fun things I’ve gotten to help be apart of with this wonderful ministry.

How did you first get connected with Delight?

This is actually a funny story! One morning my sophomore year of college I was having some quiet time in the bell tower at Belmont when I was interrupted by a girl wondering if I was there for the Bible study. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I ended up sticking around to see what it was all about. This turned out to be Delight’s first ever meeting! I ended up sticking around the whole time, and that’s where it all started!

How do you choose to “delight?”

I really, really love to spend time outside and also to create things. When I create things, it feels like a natural response for me. I always have fun when I do it and it is very life-giving for me. I also feel like I notice God most when I am outside in His creation. If I can mix the two of these things, I am very happy!

What are 5 things that bring you instant joy?

1.     Exploring a new place

2.     Seeing the ocean

3.     Sitting and reading a good book (most recent read: The Greatest Generation with her fiancé)

4.     A really good cup of coffee (personal favorite is a monkey mocha from Frothy Monkey in Nashville)

5.     Painting!

To check out some of Margot’s amazing prints and see what she’s been up to lately, you can take a look at her website here, or follow her on Instagram @margotlied.

Come back soon and meet the next member of the Delight team!

And now for a....


This week we thought it would be exciting to host a giveaway to win some of these AWESOME prints that Margot made! We love how creative our Delight girls are, and anytime we can share (and brag) about their talents - we do! To find out more, keep reading!!

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- Your Delight Interns // Maggie & Grace