Thanks Be To God

I’ve been trying to find a way summarize my summer abroad and after days of digging through memories looking for some profound  example of God’s love I realized that that’s not how God is working through this experience. He’s in the details, in all of my moments; nothing profound and grand, just simple and pervasive. 

And the only response I can seem to find is thank you

Thank you, Lord for fears and giving me the courage to overcome them

Thank you, Lord for comfort zones and for pulling me out of them

Thank you for buses and hostels and art and free Wi-Fi

Thank you for strangers and how easily they become friends

Thank you for kids and cookies and card games and breakfast

Thank you, Lord for confusion and the clarity it breeds

Thank you for failures and for messing up my plan and showing me yours

Thank you for bikes and ice cream and metros and maps

Thank you for forgiveness 

Thank you for foreign languages and people who are bilingual and willing to teach

Thank you, Lord for distance and home and the time spent in both

Thank you for imperfect people and using them to show me that you are my only rock

Thank you for the sun and its heat and thank you for air conditioning

Thank you Lord for dying so that I may live (really, thank you so much)

Thank you for Facebook and iMessage and the connections they give

And thank you, Lord for loving me; you don’t have to, but you do it anyway

- Alexandra // @al_steele