Anything Worth Having


Let’s shoot straight for a second and just snip-snap cut to the chase: We all know what it’s like to desperately want something. We’ve all had dreams about, journaled about, asked our friends about, bent God’s ear about (over and over and over and over again) something.

A desire, a passion, a relationship, a goal, an internship, a job.


We’ve all hoped for something with all of our might – and most of us have probably sat silent next to a friend as she hoped her heart straight out of her chest that her want would become a have.

We have all been there. Every last one of us.

And most of us – most of us human beings down here waddling around on this side of eternity – have spent our fair share of seconds, minutes, hours and days in a waiting room. Some of us have even spent years waiting for something.

For me? Lately it’s the idea of being settled. It’s knowing that when my lease is up at the end of September, I’ll have a place to go. It’s knowing that I’ll be able to find the perfect balance of bridal showers, bachelorette parties and pre-wedding events for the four weddings I have coming up without filing bankruptcy. It’s finding my groove in a new role at work.

And this unsettling feeling that I’ve been wanting to dissolve? It’s been going on for a while. And I’ve been waiting. And waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for that day to come quickly.

I’ve found only a little bit of solace in the old adages continually slung my way from well-meaning friends and family members. I’ve taken their advice and tried to remind myself that anything worth having is worth waiting for. Because, yes, anything worth having is worth waiting for – and, yes, anything worth having is worth hoping for… but, girlfriend? There is more. There is another truth. (And it’s one I have to preach to myself every day in between temper tantrums and ugly-cry sessions.)

We can wait for things – for dreams, for passions, for relationships, for goals, for desires – but we must never stop waiting for the Lord. We can hope for things – for approval, for love, for families, for jobs, for houses, for big and grand white kitchens – but we must never place our hope in anything but the Lord.

Life is not a waiting room that we sit around and count down the seconds, minutes, hours and days until our want arrives. Life is space to wait for the Lord – our Hope that is already here

And in the waiting? We get to live and love and lean and learn.

Is it imperfect? Yes. Are there tears and a lot of prayers that sound a lot like, “Why God?”? Yes. Have I figured it out? No.

But I know there’s beauty in the process. I know that He is with me in my waiting and that in just one second, He is able to accomplish far more than I could ever dream or imagine in years of my own control-freak doing.

What are you waiting for? How are you waiting for the Lord? What are you hoping for? How are you placing your hope in Him?

- Diana // @dianapalka