Survival Tips

Throughout the years of my existence, God has kept my eyes open to the reality of life. I have seen so many things that by the grace of God molded me to be who I am today. Far from perfect, I know that I am being chiseled to His likeness, one season at a time, until I become the woman He has called me to be. And I guess one of the realities of life is though Jesus has risen and became victorious over death, pain and suffering is ineludible as long as we are here. Trials will always exist, but through Jesus we are more than conquerors!  So as I reminisce on life, here are some things that I found important in surviving and how to keep going no matter what we find in front of us.

Firm Foundation: At a very young age, my mom who has always been my wall of strength and demonstrated to my brothers and I the importance of having a relationship with Christ. The seasons will change and things may or may not come together as you have anticipated, but Jesus will remain the same. It’s great to know that you have a God who moves with you and ahead of you in life. He knows everything about you and all that will happen even before you experience it. My family and I have been through many trials, I can say that we’ve reached the point where we almost lost everything. From having so much to having just enough for the day and depending on His grace for the next morning. The saying was right, “you’ll know that God is enough, when He is all that you got”. Consciousness of His existence keeps one sane.  I believe that a person is truly revealed when he is stripped of of his possessions. And I tell you, having experienced the highs and the lows, I wouldn’t trade Jesus for anything. He is the only thing that is constant in my life.

Communication: Prayer and God’s words are very important. They make the “foundation” sturdy. Without them, there wouldn’t be any foundation in the first place. They are the building blocks of our relationship with Christ. Prayer and God’s words will always be neon signs pointing to Jesus. If you think about it, the bible says that He knows our thoughts even before we say them. So what’s the point of praying? I think prayer makes us humble, dependent on Him and seekers of His presence. Prayer teaches us to confess our sins before Him, to tell Him what we need and to thirst for His presence. My worries and this world cannot follow me where His presence resides. Yes, prayer can move mountains, but it also moves us. On the other hand, God’s word makes one brave. It keeps you going, it gives you hope that things will change, that you are secure, you are loved, you are treasured. This world is good at giving opinions, but there is one voice that we must always listen to, God’s. No matter how incompetent you may feel, or how worthless that guy made you feel, always remember that the devil is a liar. The greatest battle will always be inside our head, combat it with God’s word. Don’t let their words or what’s in front of you shape who you are. Saturate your heart and your mind with God. Let Him occupy you instead of those lies in your head. Be confident in life because God is with you no matter what.

The Right People: Having the right people at the right time is crucial. Like I said earlier, this world is full of opinions. The bible says that we are likely to succeed when we seek counsel from others. Counselors who has the right relationship with Christ, full of integrity, who moves by wisdom and not mere emotions. I thank God for my friends and leaders who have always been by my side no matter how inconsistent and hard-headed I get at times. I thank God for their patience and love for me. They love me enough to tell me the truth even if it’s offensive. And that’s a great portrayal of the gospel, the gospel is offensive to those whose hearts are closed to His correction. So if you feel like your friend is being too much, go through their words again, maybe they’re right and you just don’t want to accept their corrections. Sometimes, the people you are with can either make you or break you. And when the wheel turns, return the favor and be the right person for someone as well.

Keep Your Eyes Open: If you want to see Jesus in your life, keep your eyes open at all times! Life will throw anything at you to steal away your focus. Don’t let it get to you. When I was a kid, my prayer has always been “Lord, make me into the person you want me to be”. And I guess that’s the reason why at a young age I became aware of almost everything that’s happening in my family. He didn’t hide these things from me, because through these dark moments, that’s when I saw His glory. Those barren places lead me to an intimate relationship with God. I learned to take things into perspective. Nothing that is happening in my life is ever without a purpose. No matter what specific reason it may be, I know that He is showing me Jesus. I just have to keep my eyes open and my life always in submission to His will. So whatever you are going through, keep your eyes always on the look for Jesus.

“For everything comes from Him and exists by His power and is intended for His glory. All glory to Him forever! Amen.” Romans 11:36

- Kaye // @kayeohliveare