The Insecurities Of A Woman In College

Today was one of those days. You know the ones that feel like they will never end. The ones that feel like everything is going to go wrong and you feel inadequate, unadmired and undesirable. I looked in the mirror and was very unsatisfied with what I saw. To me, it looked like a plain girl with messy hair, dark eye circles, a smile too big, and a face covered in blemishes. I immediately looked towards the physical attributes of myself that were wrong. The things on the outside are what people see and I was embarrassed by it. Thinking I was ugly led me to believing it and I became the victim of my own verbal abuse. I felt like I was under a dark cloud of gloom and all I wanted to do was lie in bed and ignore the world. I felt ugly and truly believed that of myself just because of the images I saw and continue to see in Social Media, magazines, and movies. I was comparing myself to images of photoshopped and edited women and set expectations for myself that are impossible to meet. When I couldn’t reach those expectations I was led to disappointment. I finally voiced these feelings and was pointed to the truth that “we are created perfectly in the image of God” (Genesis 1:27). Immediately I heard my mom saying, “Comparison is the thief of all joy”. Don’t let the things we see on social media set our standards of beauty but rather the one who created us, the one who paints the sunrise in the mornings and designs every detail in a blooming flower. The creator of heaven and earth has perfectly designed us and believes we are his biggest masterpiece.

“He rescued me because He delighted in me.” Psalms 18:19

We have been specifically chosen because He DELIGHTS in us. He finds great pleasure and joy in you! Don’t let the world set standards of what makes you beautiful. We must stop listening to the idea that beauty is achievable but believe that God has handcrafted it into our very design. Let us choose to stand boldly in our identity as daughters of the King and shut out the temptation to compare ourselves to others. 

Abby // @abbystrahle

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