Meet The New Bloggers!

We are so excited to introduce you to our 11 new beautiful and amazingly talented blog writers. They will be living and sharing in this space for the next six months. Check back every few days to hear their stories, hearts, words, and testaments of the Lord's faithfulness. Be sure to read about each of them below before their posts begin! 

Caroline McClelland // Pepperdine University

I was born and raised in the Middle East in Dubai, and as a twenty-year-old I have gained a strong compassion for traveling and exploring more of God's world with only two continents left: Antarctica and Australia.  Even though I spent more of my early life abroad, I now call Nashville my home, even though currently I reside on the West coast. Even though I am a self-proclaimed ritzy gal, I often find myself spending far too much on clothes and food, there is a much deeper adventurous side to me; nothing thrills me more than driving with the car-top down while blasting country music (Florida Georgia Line or Sam Hunt) at top volume, dancing unapologetically in public, kayaking, long mountain hikes, strolling down the isles of REI, white-water rafting, and the best of all, skydiving. I recently took a C.S. Lewis class whilst at college, which completely changed my perspective on the Gospel; I developed a newfound appreciation for the deeper intellectual and philosophical side of the Word. I love deep thought-provoking conversations that being me much joy!

Kieran Garvey // Gardner-Webb University

I am a believer in FULL life. Not just going-through-the-motions life, but a kind of adventurours, celebratory, crazy, sometimes messy, but oh so sweet-life. The kind of life that Jesus invites us to experience in Him. I am a 19-year-old Public Relations student at a sweet little Baptist college nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here in this one-stoplight town, we love people and are crazy about Jesus. You can find me sitting at our local coffee shop enjoying life with my people, or out and about exploring the beautiful world all around the school. I love to hike, bike, and do anything that allows me to see God's creation up close and personal. 

Jenna Vander Laan // Hope College

Hi, I'm Jenna! I'm studying Special Education and Spanish at Hope College in Holland, right along the pinky of Michigan. I rely on coffee from a local coffee shop called Lemonjello's, but more importantly, on God. Some of my favorites include laughing, Netflix, volleyball, spontaneous adventures, and riffing into God's Word! I couldn't live without my insanely organized planner, the people who keep me grounded, or my faith in Christ. I'm a perfectionist and an over-thinker, but I'm learning that our Father accepts us just as we are. I'm still trying to figure out this whole "life thing, but I know we are called to praise Jesus, scatter kindness and love radically. I hope you join me in this journey of trials and triumphs. Together, let's discover who are Creator desires us to be!

Lauren Mouchette // Samford University

Hi there! My name is Lauren, and I am a sophomore Marketing major over at Samford University. I adore traveling, gathering around a table with my dear friends and family, cooking, and empowering women. If I'm not doing any of those things I'm probably dancing or sipping on a cup of coffee. I believe life is all about finding beauty in the little things and being vulnerable with others in order to show God's never-ending love and mercy.

Natalie Brown // Hope College 

My favorite things include Jesus, cinnamon tea, and snail mail. All three are most often received in my home back in Aurora, Illinois. Besides my love for hip hop and rap music I'm an old soul at heart, most content in the corners of a coffee shop. I'm a firm believer in grace and the power of intentional community. When not studying you can most likely find me reading a book, eating a muffin, or exploring the city of Cape Town, South Africa where I'm currently studying abroad. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on life, Jesus, and every day grace through this blog!

Annie Johnson // UNC Wilmington

Hi I'm Annie! I'm a sophomore at UNC Wilmington and am majoring in Communication and minoring in Creativity Non Fiction with hopes that the Lord uses me through writing. I enjoy the simplicity of life: sunrises, coffee, and a good book. Feet in the sand and a slice of pepperoni pizza is my idea of a perfect dinner. On a typical weekend, I'm typically found paddle boarding or wake surfing with my family, adventuring with friends, or hanging with big school girlies as a Young Life leader. The perfect night for me is snuggling up beside my two nieces: Tique and Boca, the cutest Australian shepherds I've ever seen.

Suzannah Thompson // Harding University

My name is Suzannah, and I'm from Panama City, Florida. I'm currently in Arkansas studying speech pathology. My favorite hobbies are watching Stranger Things with my sister, writing, writing, writing, and doing (very) beginner yoga with my favorite candle burning. I love words, chocolate ganache, striped shirts, iced chai lattes, up-dos, and corner tables covered in notebooks. On bad days, it's Simon and Garfunkel, Celine Dion, and my mom that get me through. And One Direction...duh. That being said, Harry Styles is the love of my life. I believe in peace, healing, and grace, which are my favorite things to write about.

Maddy Fowler // Belmont University (alum)

Hi! I'm Maddy. I moved to Nashville in 2011 from Kansas City and I have yet to be convinced why I should ever live anywhere else. I graduated from Belmont University in 2015 with two things I knew for sure: first, I knew that God was real and second, I wanted people to know him. But post-grad life has been the most humbling season thus far... 90% of it has been reflecting on god's continued faithfulness as I sojourn through the real world, and the lingering 10% is convincing myself I don't need a puppy-companion yet. People and coffee is the best pair I've found, so let's connect!

Shae Tate // The University of Alabama

Hi! My name is Shae and I get the privilege of living in the great state of Alabama! I am so passionate about seeing people fall in love with Jesus and step into their purpose in Him. I love coffee, candy corn, and hand-written notes. I make every effort to make sure I never come across a stranger. Writing is my favorite way to process what the Lord is teaching me, and I especially love writing down my prayers to God. Philippians 4:4

Kelsey (King) Miller // Belmont University (alum)

Hi there! My name is Kelsey. I am a graduate of Belmont University and a newlywed to my handsome husband Drew. I'm a bookworm, a hopeful (and very new) gardener and love nothing more than making a mess in the kitchen, and preparing a meal for my pa. I find God in quiet mornings, the changing of seasons, and the Book of Common Prayer. Deep affinity for pink fuzzy robes and Lorelei Gilmore. 

Abby Strahle // The University of Tennessee Knoxville

I am a junior at UTK with dreams of becoming a wedding planner. You can find me talking to anyone that is willing to listen, laughing at just about anything, giving tours of UT's campus, or drinking too much Dr. Pepper (with no ice), it's an addiction. I have an obsession with all things pink and have purchased a noteworthy amount of coffee cups. Arranging lowers is my guilty pleasure and if I see a candle I have to stop and mell it. God instilled in me a passion for community and loving others well. My prayer is that through my words you are able to see and know how amazing our Father is. I am excited to begin this journey with you!