Have you ever been in a time of transition? My life has consisted of seasons and times of transition. In college, I have already transitioned—well, moved—five times. I moved from Nashville to California to East Africa to Switzerland to London and then back to California in the span of two years. Now, transition—for me—has never been an easy thing. I think that this is—in part—due to the fact that I thrive on routine. I thrive on creating and knowing the plans of my day. I thrive on being in control of my every breath, every step, every dinner date, every Target run, every conversation—every aspect of my day. I love being “stable.”

Through these times of transition, God has guided me and walked with me from one location to the next. These transitional times have not always been easy. In fact, I am currently on a plane headed “home home” to Nashville for the weekend because I simply need some time to breath and think and be in good family company, so that I can transition back into my college community more effectively.

Even though I have often found myself feeling homesick during transitional periods, these times have also been good for me. God—through His loving mercy—has slowly but steadily removed my hands from the reigns of my life during these times. He has held my hand as I have walked through culture to culture and jumped from timezone to timezone. Transition forces me to rely more on the Lord than on myself and my own desires.

If the Lord has revealed to me anything since the start of this past semester, it is that I am not in control of my life. For example, I had a list of everything in which I wanted to get involved on campus this year. I tried out for certain campus activities and jobs, but faced rejection. Frustrated and a little disappointed, I quickly tossed my list in the trash. However, after doing so, I realized that my desires—the things in which I wanted to get involved—were not in tune with the desires of the Lord. The Lord will guide me, as long as I stay in constant communication with Him, asking Him to instill in me His desires for my life.

Now, I am not going to lie—I feel completely discombobulated on campus at the moment. I just spent more than a year abroad, and the last time that I lived and took classes on main campus in Malibu was my freshman year. I have changed greatly as an individual. Since that time, I have seen more of this glorious Earth than I ever could have imagined. However, I am incredibly grateful for this time of transition. This time is teaching me something so incredibly valuable: My stability is only found in the Lord—He will guide me, if I fervently trust Him.

2nd Samuel 22:32: “For who is God, besides our Lord? And who is a rock, besides our God?”

Caroline // @carolineanisa

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