Giving Tuesday - Meet Melissa!

Happy Giving Tuesday! We know you are likely aware of today’s Giving Tuesday designation—a very special day in the lives of our nation’s nonprofits. Delight is so excited to share how you can support our ministry today!

We invite you to celebrate Giving Tuesday (& our Delight women!) in a creative way. Today, there are nearly 100 chapters across our country that are changing the lives of thousands of women through Christ-centered, vulnerable community. Where there was a need, there is now Delight.

 Join us and celebrate these women today by giving a tax deductibe gift in their honor. Together, we can keep filling the needs of collegiate women across our country with Delight.

We ask that you prayerfully consider joining with us in this exciting way and read the story of one Delight woman whose life has been changed.

I thought my time in undergrad at Gardner-Webb University would be the extent of my on-campus involvement, but God had other plans. I was hired as a staff member in the University’s admissions office after graduation. When I was asked by a current student to share my testimony at this year’s first Delight meeting, a new ministry to our campus, I had no idea that this ministry was going to change our women. Beyond that, I could never have imagined how it would allow me to serve as a mentor to so many women that call Gardner-Webb home.

Melissa Hemrick, Gardner-Webb University Delight Advisor

Melissa Hemrick, Gardner-Webb University Delight Advisor

Thanks to the hearts of two women who brought Delight to our campus, God has been moving in huge ways. This year, more than 175 women attended our kick-off event to learn what a Christ-centered community is about. Through Delight, we have been able to provide these women with a safe place where they can be themselves, find hope for their hurts, celebrate their wins and grow in their faith.

I have watched women put their differences aside and offer each other love, support and faith in ways they wouldn’t have dreamed of before Delight. Faith has been strengthened, community has been formed and lives has been saved—all because of Delight.

I am so thankful for this ministry and for the way it has changed hearts and lives on my campus. With your support, college women will continue to provide each other with a safe community to be vulnerable and find their hope in the Lord. Join me as we support this important ministry today through Giving Tuesday. I’m delighted to join hands with Delight women everywhere and contribute to a life-changing organization. 

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