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It's that time of the year again. Final exams, group projects, and essays are consuming us. Our choices are narrowed to sleep or a social life. However, as Christian college students, we must be reminded that God is in control. Always. 

We are backed into a corner, faced with difficult situation. Suddenly, deadlines become more important than prayer, and the countless emails we receive more relevant than reading our Bibles. Sometimes we even believe that this is logical and justifiable. That paper due at midnight, worth 10% of your grade, is deserving of our priority. Our GPA's that "determine our futures" become our self-worth and how we view each other. 

Yes, of course, that's what college is but we often forget that when we, as Christian students, gave our lives to Christ. Therefore, we no longer own ourselves and are not in control of our lives anymore. We surrendered our lives, so that we could be found by Him, and when He found us He bought us, so that we could be found by Him, and when He found us He bought us with His precious blood taking the reins of our lives and leading us where our Father calls us. 

With the end of the semester drawing near (too quickly, I might add), I have been filling my days with homework, papers, and lots and lots of studying. I go to chapel during the week but my mind drifts off to Piaget's Theory of Development and impossible chemistry equations. I too often find myself pushing back my relationship with God because I don't think it's an important as my mile-long to-do list of assignments and meetings. I get so anxious about everything I need to accomplish that I am left with a powerless feeling. 

In times such as these, I am reminded of a verse that always brings comfort:

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." // John 14:27

College is a place where God planned for us to get to know Him for who He really is and what He truly means to us individually, not just as the God of our parents. We are on our own now, and this is when God becomes real. This is where we realize that we really can't do this on our own. Claim Him as your Savior and make your faith your own.

If your school is like mine, puppies are brought in, free yoga classes are offered, and breakfast is served at 11 at night in order to help college students de-stress. However, the sooner we realize that God is the ultimate stress reliever, the better off we are. No matter how many study groups or how long you spend cramming for that Biology exam, don't dare to think that putting God aside "for later" is going to work. God needs to come first in our lives. College comes second. Only then will our lives be in order.

Jenna // @jennavanderlaan 

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