Meet Me at the Table

A few weeks ago I was invited to a “friendsgiving” dinner with some girls at my school. This is a trend that I’ve seen a lot this year – the idea of a group of friends gathering together to share a meal and rejoice in the fact that they had the opportunity to cross paths in life! The friendsgiving meal I went to was in the backyard of some of my girlfriends. There was a bonfire and some decorative lights - and there were lots and lots of tables. Everyone shuffled around and grabbed their food and joined each other around the table. We shared lots of laughs and lots of love. In the midst of a crazy life, it was pretty dang sweet to stop and embrace the connection that came around those tables that night.

In the past few years of my life I have learned that some of the best time of fellowship happens when I’m sitting around the table. I’ve seen that the dinner table is sometimes the place that welcomes the most brokenness, connection, and blessing. People seem to love the most when sitting around a table. Stories are told. Sins are confessed. I’ve prayed, laughed, and cried around the table. I’ve experienced God’s nearness, kindness, and love. The table is a place of connection. Eating around a table is so uniquely human – no other species shares their meals this way. It leads me to believe that meals are meant for so much more than just fueling our bodies – they are meant to foster community.

After personally seeing walls being broken, relationships being built, and love being given around the table, I’m starting to believe that there is something special about sharing a meal with people. If you look in the Bible, the earliest churches were built around this idea of “table fellowship.” In Acts, Luke tells that the earliest church rejoiced in their time of gathering in fellowship to share a meal (Acts 2:42). What if we started seeing meals together as a time to draw closer to our Father? A time to come together and to share our blessings and our burdens. What if this holiday season, we choose to invite people to sit at our table? What if we choose connection over crazy? Blessing over busy? I think we’ll see some miracles if we take the time to simply meet around the table.

Kieran // @kcgarv

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