I Hope We All Make It

Envy.  What an ugly friend of mine this holiday season.

You see, I’ve always been everyone’s biggest fan.  I’m always available to celebrate your successes and love, always wanting to hear the beautiful details of the story.  But envy has no biases, no alliances, and when envy locks eyes with yours, she’s clingy and doesn’t accept your suggestion to leave.  She devours any joy you might feel for another or yourself.  She’s universally known, timeless, and slowly breaks you down from the inside out. 

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” (Proverbs 14:30 NIV)

Well you know what?  I’ve had enough of you, envy.  You cannot make my heart your home.  You corrupt my friendships, my hope, my presence, my joy.  I’ve been given grace to see clearly that my Creator has no favorites, that he loves his children equally.  He does not give better to some and not the others; he gives his best to all who ask and are willing to receive for his glory. 

"I am not interested in competing with anyone… I hope we all make it." -Erica Cook

I hope we all have lives that are beautiful and inspiring and full of adventure and love and unpredictability and wild ideas and freedom and risk and revelation and passion.  I hope we all run full speed in the direction of where God’s calling and we get to see the fruit of fearlessness.  I hope we get to celebrate how God’s using us in his big plan to redeem the whole world, and that we get to raise a glass with everyone for their choice to be a part of it. 

I hope all of our lives are full of surprises just waiting to be revealed to the rest of the world amped with anticipation and excitement.  I hope we all find the ones our soul loves and we have beautiful children who are funny and look just like you or the one you choose.  I hope our love points back to the one who loved us first, that our love story is a testimony of the greatest love story of all time.  I hope we experience great trust in the Spirit’s leading and believe with our whole hearts that God loves love.

I hope everyone embarks on wild adventures full of God’s perfect Creation and it stops you in your tracks and you can’t help but share with the world what it is your eyes and spirit behold.  Birthed from the awe you experience, I hope you try to communicate the fullness of wonder bubbling up inside you and the feelings of significance you felt in the eyes of God, but realizing that your words merely scratch the surface and you have to end your stories and captions with, ‘a picture could not contain its beauty. You just had to be there.’  I hope we store up more memories in our minds and hearts than in our icloud account.

I hope we all come to a place where we are in desperate need for God.  I hope we get to whip out our greatest weapon of testimony and share with our broken world how because of Jesus, your family didn’t leave your side, your closest friends prayed for you, your church guided you and your choice to declare promises over your heartbreaking scenario strengthened you.  I hope we see the living Lord move all the days of our lives in newer ways with each new season.  I hope we can dance harder and sing louder when we worship here on earth with no care about what others are thinking about us.  We were made to worship.  I hope we don’t wait till heaven to experience true worship.

So envy, you have no place here.  This Christmas and every season ahead of me, I will cling to the promises of God and turn my back on you.  I will count my blessings and sing praise to The Giver of all good gifts and trust each day in his timing.  I will spur on others to do the same, locking you out and giving you no place to set down your baggage. 

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since members of one body you were called to peace.  And be thankful.” (Colossians 3:15 NIV)

Maddy // @__maaaddy

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