Five Little Things That Make Big Impact

My life in college has been nothing short of crazy hectic & busy. From pop quizzes to 100-page readings some nights, it is difficult to set aside time for God. Still, in order to have a fruitful relationship with Him, I need time with Him. He wants my attention, my heart — and I need Him. Here are 5 ways to be with Him in the midst of a crazy college schedule: 

Whether I am walking to class or doing homework, I am usually listening to music. Although I am usually jamming out to Hips Don’t Lie or anything Queen B, I have really tried to make the switch to using this time for worship. By listening to worship music, I have been able to connect with God in a different way. By intently listening to the lyrics and letting God speak to me through them, I have learned new things about Him and the way He loves me.

Although it seems like some of our schedules may not allow us to sit down and read a bunch of scripture each day, that shouldn’t stop us from engaging with His word. When you get up in the morning, pick a verse — you can either write it down or memorize it, and really try to live out this verse through all of your actions for that day. This allows us to dive deeper into God’s word by living it out each day. 

This is something so simple that a lot of us leave out of our lives. But when you’re sitting down to eat after a long day, it’s tough to wait that extra thirty seconds and say a prayer before eating. Still, when we pray before we eat, we are inviting God into that moment. We ask Him to bless the food so that we can nourish our bodies so that we can glorify him. It can even be intimidating when no one else around you is blessing their meal, but by incorporating prayer into the simple act of eating, we are inviting God to share that time with us.

Look to others:
The internet is full of crazy and wonderful things like a million hours’ worth of puppy videos or babies being scared of their own farts (that is a real thing go look it up) but it is also filled with thousands of talks and articles and videos on God. So maybe for 5 minutes, close Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat and find something online — a podcast or a sermon — that will help you grow in faith. 

It can be hard to find silence in a place like college. But laying in bed or resting in the plaza on campus to just listen could be a very real opportunity for God to speak to you. I think we focus a lot on speaking to God. Because of that, we forget that we are called to be still and listen with an open heart. 

-Hallie Ruth // @ruthhallie

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