Infinity and Beyond

How often are we guilty of limiting God.

We believe He won’t hear our prayers, we think He can’t heal our brokenness or forgive us of our sin. We put Him in a box and only go to Him when we can’t find other solutions.

Our culture tells us we have to be capable on our own, and that we create and mold our own lives, so when the going gets tough it stinks for you…

 The theme verse for the Summer Series comes from Romans 11: 36, “All things from him, through him, and for him”. 

When reading Romans 11, your eyes may glance over this verse without even stopping to think about this bold statement. There are a lot of cool things about God. He is powerful. All knowing. He is our personal Savior. He is the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. And, like Romans 11:36 shares, He decided to make everything, including us: all things flow through Him. 

Buzz Lightyear said it best through his famous line, “To infinity and beyond”… Thats our God, He created infinity and beyond, but I often struggle at grasping what an infinite God means. I get caught up on my ideas of God and put limits on his power. 

This morning I stopped and reflected on this verse and was in awe of what one sentence can hold. 

"All things” are--


Everything is a gift from Him. He formed each of us in his likeness. He placed the water in the oceans, He crafts beautiful sunsets, and He knows each hair on my head. We worship a God who loved us so much that He sent, from Himself, His son to die for us. 

through him

Everything flows out of Him. Biblical commentator, Barnes, explains this best when he says, “He does not need the aid of man. He is the independent Creator and Lord, and on him none can have a claim.” Life can only exist through Him, and yet He still allows us to make our own decisions.

for him

Everything is for Him. He created the universe to reflect His glory and majesty, including us. He does not need our praise because He knows He is marvelous. When we live our lives in a way that brings Him praise He delights in us. 

An infinite God means He formed us, He loves us, He is in control, and he will never leave us. My doubt which so often makes God small is shattered by this verse which leaves us in awe of who God is. 

Just like Buzz Lightyear, believing he can fly to infinity and beyond, we have a God who is limitless.  

This summer as you read the Summer Series remember you have a God who loves you, hears you, created you and wants to see you live for him.


Aubrey Johnston//@aubrey_jane11