Past the Shoreline

It would be pretty easy to say I am brave in terms of what the world thinks.  This summer I have moved to a new city, started a new job, met all new people, and even have plans of going sky diving.

In terms of what God calls bravery though, I don't know if I could say I am very brave. 

In the song “You make me Brave”, Amanda Cook, from Bethel Music, talks about how God is calling her out of fear. Fear took a hold on her life for the last 28 years. She new the Lord was calling her to a new season, that of bravery and moving past the shallow water into the depths of the ocean. This song, to her, was a proclamation that God had not left her during this season of fear and in him, she is brave. 

 How often do we stand at the beach entrance and just look out to the hot sand and the huge ocean and decide that to turn around instead. The second verse reads: 

“I have heard You calling my name

I have heard the song of love that You sing

So I will let You draw me out beyond the shore

Into Your grace

Your grace.”

Oceans are used as a metaphor for power, strength and bravery. We are so attracted to their beautiful color and ominous depth. The line,“So I will let you draw me out beyond the shore, into your grace”, convicts the listener to think about how God’s grace and the ocean share many traits. Beyond the shore, beyond the waves, Amanda Cook finds herself in freedom. Freedom because she is brave in the Kingdom of God.

In order to be brave for the Kingdom of God we must act in humility and receive God’s grace. 

Humility, the act of proclaiming our inadequacies and living to serve others, is one of the best ways to step out in bravery that God calls us to. When living in humility we find ourselves in God’s grace, his unwarranted gift of eternal life and love through Jesus Christ. 

“And being found in obedience to God, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death— even death on a cross” Philippians 2:8. 

Because of the gift of Jesus’s life, we receive grace and stand Brave in his name. Step out into the water. Let the waves of grace wash over you. Allow fear, failure, anxiety to be washed away. By stepping out and accepting grace, we have to opportunity to make it past the shoreline and into the depths of what God calls bravery. 

In the Summer Series this week, Sarah talks about how God makes us brave and made her brave in the midst of newness and growth. Check out more about bravery by reading the Summer Series with us found at

xoxo, Aubrey  Johnston// @aubrey_jane11