One Word.








One word. One simple word that resonates with your heart. It may not mean much to someone else, but when you read this word you can't help but smile, or stand in awe of Jesus. 

The author of the Week 6 Summer Series, Allie B., has a one word.

Her one word is Enough. 

After 2 hard months in Africa, feeling defeated by her own self-pity of believing she would never be enough for others, herself, or Jesus, she learned a powerful lesson. 

“The Lord is the ONLY one who can and is supposed to fulfill your needs and be your identity. He took away a lot of tangible affirmation that I desperately desired over the summer and stripped me of any identity I tried to hold onto other than Him to teach me that He sees me. He seeks me. He should be my only identity. He sees me as enough, and that is enough. I am enough, and He is enough.”

The artist, Ryland (@rylandcreative), of the image at the top of this blog has a one word. 

Her one word is Enough, too. 

In the midst of pouring her talents out through pen and paper, she is taken back to this word to dwell on her importance. 

“Enough is my word because whenever lies creep in that I’m not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough I remember the truth… It’s my word because I know that no matter what I’m a beloved daughter, that the Father delights in. So I’m enough for him just the way I am. This is a truth I have to continue to remind myself of.” 

I have a one word as well. 

My one word is Grace.

I hold myself to an intangible standard, attempting to succeed at something I am not capable of. In my head, I hold others to this standard as well and allow this to taint the way I see people. I don't give grace to myself or others naturally. If I am not extending grace to others then I’m saying I am better than God because I am showing that I have better judgement than the maker of the universe… 

But then God, daily, changes my view. He brings me back to the word Grace. The grace that came in form of flesh, Jesus, the grace that comes daily into my life in the form of Spirit. He make’s me realize that I deserve grace for myself and for others because I am worthy through Jesus.

You can/may have a one word. 

Your one word is _________. 

Take some time this week to reflect on an attribute of Jesus that makes you fall to your knees.

Reminisce on moments where the Father is calling out to you and your flesh through one simple word. Finding a one word can truly help draw you to depths with Jesus you have never experienced. 

So sit, pray, talk with a friend who knows your heart, and find a word that brings you closer to our Savior for this season of life.

Let it draw you in to want to discover more about this word in his Word. Let it create vulnerability in your community as you find others who can say, “me, too”.

Aubrey Johnston//@aubrey_jane11