The call of millennial women in the midst of a hurting world

Headline after headline of pain. 

Everywhere we go the news is blaring in the corner of the room with a new attack and another growing death toll. How many of us, 20 something year old women, find ourselves paralyzed from this continual news of suffering. Never knowing the right words to say, we go along in our day with hearts full of remorse for those who are hurting and suffering from the darkness in our world. 

Unless you are a political science major, a lot of what is happening out there is really confusing. It’s easy to get lost in the clouds of opinions, in a endless amounts of opinionated Facebook posts and tweets. It seems that a never ending amount of pain continues to streak our country and world, so what do we do? 

Laying awake at night thinking about how you can change it all may not be the best technique to solving the darkness in our world. But, there are ways you can make a difference in your own sphere to impact the greater picture.


1. Be informed

If you have any social media you know there are a lot of opinions about what is happening. Daily as another tragedy happens and every news platform takes their best stab at the truth. One way you can stay informed is reading multiple sources about each event. This will ensure you are getting all the details and will not be believing false statistics or opinions, instead of the truth.

2. Know the Word of God 

The Bible is packed full of stories that don’t end in “rainbows and butterflies”. Often the people of the Old Testament were tortured, murdered, destroyed, or abandon. These stories are starting to look more and more like what we are encountering each day. By daily immersing ourselves in the Word of God, we know that his love wins in the end. We know that despite tragic circumstances, the peace of God covers us as believers. We need to tap into a never ending resource of hope in order to understand the character of God through these times of pain in our world. 

3. Stay out of the cloud of opinions 

In a world where everyone feels pressured to voice their opinion, your words can only go so far. All we see on Facebook is negative debate, so what if instead we turned what we shared to be only the positive. We are called in Ephesians 4:29 to not let unwholesome speech come out of our mouths(or keys). If you are going to share on social media, have your posts reflect Christ and the power of the gospel in pain. 

4. Spend time in positive conversation

Studies throughout recent history report women speak 13,000 more words a day than men. Our words are powerful and often our gossip can be hurtful. In order to shift the conversation from pain and hate to love, you have to start talking about it. Instead of fearfully gossiping, spend time in positive conversation with women your age. Talk about how you can be praying as a community, or how you can make a difference for a cause you believe in. There is power in good conversation and women who can join together to make a positive difference. 

5. Pray non-stop 

Don’t underestimate the power of prayer to shift “the atmosphere”. Spending time daily in prayer for those you know who have been affected by recent tragedy. Pick an area of the world or group of people to be praying for each week who are facing terrible adversity. Come together with other Christian women and pray-- We know God hears our prayers and works all things for the good of those who follow him. 

6. Live with hope in your heart of our faithful God

When we spend so much time absorbing all the hate from the world we can start to get angry at God, not understanding why “bad things happen to good people”. The truth is God is faithful. Always has been always will be, and we can be assured in times of destruction and pain, God will not abandon his children and his followers. 

Though the news and world may seem dark, you are a light.

Jesus shines within you. Take some time today to reflect on some of these things to do and implement them into your life. You are more powerful than you believe and the God of the universe is on your side. Despite tragedy we serve a God who will never leave us, so in grieving and pain turn to him, not Facebook. 

Aubrey Johnston//@aubrey_jane11


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