6 Steps to Refreshing Vulnerability

Lets be real… Is something actually real in your life until your grammed/blogged/snapped about. 

The reality is our age of women think like that. We think that the only way to validate what we are really going through is if the whole world knows about it.

Well…what if we rethought vulnerability. A vulnerability that is face to face, tears to tears, and joy to joy. What if we really went back to what it means to listen and care for someone. Not just like their post about “The top 10 reasons you should marry a Christian man”, but ask them about their relationship, the good and the bad. 

To be real myself, I have so often thought that until I write a blog about my depression that I can’t talk about it with people face to face. I can hide in the words on the internet, but I can’t hide in a coffee shop across from a friend who sits through the pain, rehashing of memories that are causing deep pain. 

So, sometimes in the darkest seasons of our lives the bright light of our computer screen can be the most comforting light in the world. 

But that is NOT how God called us to live(speaking to myself more than anyone else), for he gave us community to press in and shine a light in the darkness of our lives. 

Here are a couple steps to grow the vulnerability in your life. Some of these may make you nervous or put your walls up… but that’s the point. We have to step out, put our phone down, stop checking our “impressions” and let Christ make an impression on us.  

  1. Simple first step. Realize what you need to let go of. Be honest with yourself so that you can be honest with others. Once you are ready and beginning to understand what you need to be vulnerable about, then you can reach out to another person. 
  2. Take it to God. Before you go to the world, the internet, or even your mentor- go to the Word. This is God’s voice, his words, and his truth ready for you to interpret your life with. 
  3. Talk to someone. Specifically someone who cares about you and can listen to you. Often as Christian’s we believe that we are only supposed to carry others burdens and never share what is going on in our lives. We are called to community for a reason. So live in it. Meet a friend this summer at a coffee shop, or for a even walk in the park and share your heart. Whether you are talking about the truths God is revealing through the Summer Series, or the pain that you are experiencing this summer, having someone listen to you feels right. 
  4. If you have the opportunity and you need someone who is a professional listener, don’t be intimidated or embarrassed. A counselor is God’s gift in these seasons where we just feel alone. Instead of turning to social media, we can turn to a person who can give us the same affirmation but in person. And who gives affirmation from a place of love, peace, and deep care for your heart. 
  5. Read a book on vulnerability. Brene Brown, a research professor at University of Houston, became famous for her TED talk in 2010 on the power of vulnerability. She has written two books that will inspire and challenge you dare greatly and rise strong. 

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.

Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness”. Brene Brown 

 6. Last, sink into the feelings. So often we desire for it just to go away, but God meets us in the waiting He never lets us down especially in the seasons of drought. 

Allow the burdens to be lifted, take a leap of faith, and share what is really going on… God(and I) promise it'll be worth it.  

-Aubrey Johnston// @aubrey_jane11