Delight Leadership Retreat Day 1 Recap

Wow! Can we just say that this past weekend was probably the top highlight from our Delight journey thus far?! The Lord showed up in HUGE ways and exceeded ALL of our expectations. This weekend was full of stories, fellowship, worship, good food, amazing/beautiful women, and so much more. We're so excited to fill you in on all that happened at our 2016 Leadership Retreat.

Day 1 began as our leaders began arriving at our retreat venue bright and early! Kenz and I were SOOO excited. We'd been praying and dreaming about this weekend for months and months and it was such a surreal feeling knowing that it was all about to begin,

We started the day off with lots of coffee + bagels and gave everyone time to hang out and start getting to know one another. Each leader received a goody bag full of fun things like their nametags, candles, journals, granola, boxed water, 31Bits bracelets, and a lot more. (Thank you to all of our sponsors for your donations!) After a short welcome, the leaders met with their breakout groups for the first time. Each breakout group consisted of leaders from 8 or 9 different universities and gave everyone a chance to get to know and build relationships with other Delight leaders. Needless to say, breakout groups were everyone's favorite part of the weekend!

After breakout groups, our good friend Calah Caballero led us in worship and blogger and author, Stephanie May Wilson, delivered an awesome message about leadership and being the kind of person that you needed when you were younger. That afternoon we headed into workshops where Kenz and I got to teach about building a great team dynamic and having a campus-wide impact. We took a break in between workshops for one of our favorite go-to lunches, Whole Foods sandwiches. Before closing out for the afternoon, all of our leaders spent time with their teams dreaming, visioning, and setting goals for the year ahead using our Dreams and Goals worksheet. Then we sent everyone out into Nashville for a quick break so we could get things set up for our backyard Taco Party! I'm pretty sure quite a few Five Daughters Donuts were consumed during that break! 

Day 1 of the retreat ended with tacos and more tacos from Baja Burrito in the perfect backyard setting complete with Mexican blankets, tiki torches, glass bottled cokes, and chocolate covered bananas. After stuffing our faces full of chips and salsa everyone settled into their breakout groups and every Delight leader got the chance to share their story with their breakout group.

Kenz and I had a "pinch me" moment as we sat around and watched all of our leaders pray together, cry together, and support one another as they shared testimonials of the Lord's faithfulness in their lives. It was amazing to see the vision of our ministry come to life before out eyes... to witness the tangible reality and simple beauty of sharing your story in the safety and security of Christ-centered community. Most of these women had met only that morning, yet they were vulnerably sharing like they had known each other their entire life. It was an incredible site to witness! We felt the presences of the Holy Spirit in a real way under the Nashville sky that night. 

Day 1 could not have been more perfect! Thank you to all of our leaders for being so present with us throughout the entire day! Let me tell you, our Delight leaders are the REAL DEAL! Be sure to watch the recap video of Day 1 below and stay tuned for the Day 2 recap later in the week! 

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