On Being A Sheep.

Perhaps it’s the dizzying political climate of the past few months, or the call to hustle our best at the start of the new year, but lately, my husband Drew and I have been finding much comfort in something quite simple: sheep. I don’t actually remember when or how we began to cling to this image so much, but in a time of so many power games being played, it has been instructive to think of myself as a mere little sheep in God’s flock, doing my very best to just be the sheep God made me to be. 

Sheep are no fancy animals, not majestic like a lion or a horse, and though they’re quite fluffy, they still don’t seem as cuddly as a puppy or a kitten. They’re humble animals, through and through, and I have to think it is no coincidence that Scripture so often makes reference to us, humanity, as the sheep and God as our good and patient Shepherd. There’s something so fitting about such a humble comparison because try as we might, we miss the mark and time after time, we need to hear again the voice of our Shepherd bringing us back into the fold with the gentleness of a good father.

As a sheep, I can stop imagining for once that I’ve got this all on my own and that I don’t need the help of a guiding voice. I can resolve myself to my sheepishness, knowing the government is not upon my shoulders and believing that the Shepherd is to be trusted.

Now, this doesn’t excuse us from trying to make the best choices we can before the Lord. This doesn’t mean that now we get to resolve to silliness or apathy, because after all, aren’t we just sheep? No, no. Instead, it allows us to rest in the grace of the Shepherd, who honest to his goodness, will breaks our legs if he has to and carry us over his shoulders. It allows us to rest in the strange dichotomy that we are at once not as important as we think we are, and still, somehow or another, the very apple of God’s eye.

And even on our most unfancy sheepish days, he is the Good Shepherd and when it comes down to it, He’d lay down his life for even the most silly, stinky sheep.

Kelsey // @kelskingmiller

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