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“The grass wither and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.” // Isaiah 40:8


I believe the bible, the Living Word of God, has more to say to us than simply what is on its pages.  The more time I spend dwelling on God’s Word, the more I find this to be true.

I’ve been spending time in Psalm 23 lately.  And although I can recite word for word what it says on the pages, God’s been humbling the Pharisee in me by proving the boundless depths of His Word.  Memorizing scripture is not a skill to conquer, nor is it something that makes me more valuable.  Instead, it is a gateway into His presence so that I can ask what it is He has to say to me today.

This week I took a long look into this Psalm.  I asked myself, “what is this passage really saying?  What is God trying to tell me today?”

Here is what came from it:

"The Lord is the shepherd of my soul; I have everything I need in him. He invites me into peace, to rest in his beautiful, composed Creation. With him, I feel fully alive. He walks next to me, ahead of me and behind me, below and above me; He is the Alpha and Omega of our story, guiding our feet through his glories. Our testimonies highlight the goodness of his name, of what he is like, giving others the courage to believe. Even though the enemy is real and I suffer from sin, I will not believe that darkness has the final word, no matter how hard and confusing life might seem. You, my Father, are with me. Your guiding hand leads me; you protect those whom you love. I am your sheep, your Beloved.  I rest in the confidence of your care. You prepare a lavishing feast in celebration that I am Yours. And those who tried to rob, kill and destroy my life watch us, the victorious, from a far. You have set me apart; you have chosen me. There is more blessing for my life than I can begin to contain. As sure as the sun, your goodness and love will pursue me all the days of my life. May I will dwell in the presence of God, the temple, the interception of heaven and earth, forever.  Amen. //Psalm 23

…May the Lord reveal Himself to you through the bottomless abyss that is His Living Word.  May it minister to you deeply, heal you, and strengthen your faith until the day you see Him face-to-face.

Maddy // @_maaaddy

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