The Year I Magnified

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For the past three years I have prayed for words to describe my upcoming year. They have become words of vision and direction for what is to come. My word for 2017 was actually the phrase: ‘magnify my ministry.’ It stemmed from Romans 11:13 where Paul writes, “Now I am speaking to you Gentiles. Inasmuch then as I am an apostle to the Gentiles, I magnify my ministry.” Now I don’t want to take anything out of context so please read it for yourself. However, when I read this I saw ‘magnify my ministry.’ I heard Holy Spirit say, “You’ve been diminishing and hiding what I’ve put inside of you. 2017 I want you to intentionally share what I’ve given you.”

Hey-o! If you know me, I am the person who has deep conversations with strangers on the regular. I walk away knowing a plethora of information; they walk away knowing absolutely nothing about me. One of my friends mom’s stopped me one day when I was upset about it.
She said, “It’s because you’re a listener.” I write all this to say I don’t frequently talk about myself with people. I’d rather hear about their lives, dreams, travels, etc.

I knew 2017 would be different. Video is something I’ve enjoyed for an incredibly long time. I decided to use social media to share things I had spent a decent amount of time making. One of my friends pointed out that my problems have always been internal. Primo (my cousin) is so right. I was immediately mentally attacked by loads of fear of people. Will they even watch it? Will they cringe? Will they get annoyed with me? Honestly, the “will they” questions are draining. Don’t let them stop you from doing whatever the Lord has told you to do. I hate to break it to you but people could care less about you. They could care less about me. They usually don’t care what you and I do (or do not do).

I figured I would just go for it. I’d make the content I had been wanting to make. I’d be consistent. I’d get over what people would think and share about it on social media. I remember being in Sunday school and my friend’s Grandma said, “When you’re exercising your gifts, you are discipling.” I grabbed my pen and scribbled it down into my journal. I thought about it for seven days. I thanked her on the seventh day. I cannot get the quote out of my head over three months later.

Friends, I began receiving phone calls. People I love dearly began asking me for creative advice. I felt like I had none of the answers but others seemed to think I had loads of them. I went to talk to my friend’s Grandma another time. I told her, “I know I don’t have all of the answers.” She responded, “That’s okay. You don’t want to just be a sage on a stage but a guide on the side.” I grabbed my journal again and wrote that down. I’ve thought about that for over three months as well.

I finally understand the liberation that comes when I step into that which the Lord has made me to do. I have always had an immense amount of peace but I tapped into a new realm of it. My confidence in the Lord has grown to a greater depth and I have no doubt when He is leading me.

The reason I create is to encourage and empower others to walk into their dream. This has been my why for four years now, but this year it clicked. It should not be shocked when people respond the way they do. See, the word ‘encourage’ means to inspire courage. Meanwhile, the word ‘empower’ means to give someone the authority to do something, to make stronger and more confident.

I believe the Holy Spirit encourages and empowers us to do the things He has designed for us to do. I believe He is the revealer. I think that’s why He has gifted us to see others talents. As you and I rely on Him, He will reveal talents we can call out in others. You really don’t know who needs to see you sharing the talents the Lord has given you. I hope you’ll take time to pray and ask the Lord what word/theme he has for your upcoming year. I know it’ll transform your perspective like it has mine.

Kristin Witcher // @kristinmwitcher