A Heart To Heart Letter

It's fall everyone! 

I want you to grab something warm to drink: coffee, tea, hot coco, and a blanket. We're having a heart to heart! Everything I'm about to say comes from a place of love for y'all, my delightful sisters. I want us to take a moment and do a simple warm-up exercise for our heart to stir up.

Exercise (no cardio involved): How does your heart look like right now? Is it calm, angry, broken, empty? I want you to take this moment to be honest. Ask God to show you the truth. 

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less." -Luke Lezon

I love how much potential we have in this lifetime. I love seeing our generation of Christian girls (girl gang) that want to do meaningful work. A generation of girl gangs that wants to do more than focus on their position in life, we want to be servants and shine in the darkness for what is true. We are daughters of the most high God and I believe we are women that don't just settle, but a generation that wants to walk with Jesus. 

Let's talk about the struggles we face and how we grow with Jesus. 

1. Facing The Truth 

Warning: Facing the truth will be humiliating, but worth it. 

I believe facing the truth is the best and hardest thing anyone can do.

I bet many of us have tried to hide the truth, because we feel ashamed or embarrassed. But hiding the truth can feel like a wrestle with God, who is just trying to open up your heart.

Yet, for us to move forward closer to our purpose we need to face the truth within our hearts and stop hiding it from the light. We must stop ignoring the tension and get our hands dirty! 

"But when our hands remain clean, they look very little like our Savior's." - Russ Allen

2. Obedience 

Our generation doesn't like to be told what to do but believes they know what they do; which is a lie. As children of God, we want to have a relationship with Christ where we can hear Him speak into our lives. But far too often we don't obey his commands. 

But it is the essence of our relationship with Christ. God invites. We respond. God commands. We obey." - Steven Furtick

To have a strong relationship we must be obedient and trust in the unknown. 

Marianna Pinto // @mariannapint_o