What It Means To Remain At The Foot Of The Cross

Last year, while sitting at Monday night Delight, a friend shared a great piece of advice:

"No matter where you are, remain at the foot of the cross"

This has stuck with me and become the standard to which I measure my days. 

Some days, I can see myself hands lifted high, heart soaring in praise, or literally jumping for joy when something amazing happens. Some days, it’s me bowed in reverence, or kneeling, humbly submitting to a plan I can’t understand and grace beyond my comprehension. There are others where I’m collapsed in a heap of tears, frustrated and completely overwhelmed. Or days where I’m standing with my back turned and arms crossed, defiantly refusing to even acknowledge the cross that is right there behind me. 

However, I took that advice to heart, and my constant prayer throughout it all has been that I remain at the foot of the cross.

That I’m never so blinded by success or wounded by hurt that I walk away from that cross, forgetting who I am and more importantly whose I am.

The cross is one of the most crucial images in Christianity. If you had asked anyone in Jesus’ day it wouldn’t have been an image they would have chosen to paint, tattoo, or wear on a necklace -- it was essentially a torture device, a sign of pain and death. It wasn’t glorified or beautiful, but Jesus changed all of that.

Because of his resurrection -- the cross, instead of standing for death and destruction now stands for this incredible victory that we get to walk in. Our sins were nailed to the cross and we get to walk away blameless, washed pure by the blood of someone who took on the weight of our wrongs. It’s not justice, but its Jesus.

It is pain transformed into so much beauty and redemption.

I think we have gotten a little too softened to the image of a cross -- we think “aww” instead of “woah” -- we don’t really appreciate it like we should, the death and depth of the meaning in it. 

I love the line in the Crowder song, “a cross meant to kill is my victory.” What’s so powerful about the cross is the victory of the resurrection it now stands for

The cross isn't "cute," it’s life-giving, it’s glory revealed, it’s love and grace poured out… it’s everything.

So wherever we are in life, I pray that we choose to remain at the foot of that victorious cross. God's not going to force us to bow down, praise him, or give Him anything that is inauthentic...He just wants us there.

Ashley Hawkins // @ayyhawk