6 Fun Christmas activities


The Christmas season is finally here, and if you're anything like me you've been waiting for this all year long! Finals week may be upon us, but everyone needs a study break every now and then. So here is a list of some of our very favorite Christmas must-do and must-sees to get you in the spirit and relieve a little stress!

1. Put up Christmas decorations

Decorate 3.jpg
Decorate 2.jpg
Decorate 1.jpg

We all know that half of the magic of Christmas time comes from the jingle bells, tinsel, and ornaments on the tree! So grab a friend, hit up your local Target, and start decorating! Check out our Delight Christmas Playlist for some jams to listen to while you work.

2. Watch a Christmas movie

Movie 3.jpg
Movie 2.jpg
Movie 1.jpg

Tis’ the season to crawl up on the couch, drink some hot cocoa, and binge watch all the Hallmark Christmas movie your heart desires. After all your hard work during finals week, you deserve this!

3. Do a Secret Santa

Secret Santa 1.jpg
Secret Santa 3.jpg
Secret Santa 2.jpg

Throw some names in a bowl, set a price limit, and get to shopping! Secret Santa is such a fun way to love on each other during this holiday season. Maybe the perfect gift this year is a Delight holiday bundle??

4. Go to a Christmas tree farm

Farm 1.jpg
Farm 3.jpg
Farm 2.jpg

You know you need to spice up your insta aesthetic for the holidays, so grab some gal pals, hit up that portrait mode and go snap some pics at the nearest Christmas tree farm! There is nothing better than being surrounded by noble fir and breathing in that Christmas scent.

5. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies

Cookie 3.jpg
Cookie 1.jpg

This is such an easy and cheap way to get in the kitchen and bake up some Christmas fun. It’s as simple as going to the grocery, buying some sugar cookies, white icing, and Christmas-themed decor.

6. Delight Christmas Series


The Delight Christmas Series goes live on the app on Monday! Get a group of Delight gals together and dive into the reason for the season using our FREE Christmas series! To learn more and download the starter pack click here!