February 15th: A Letter to my First Love

Dear Jesus,

In the middle of all the yummy heart-shaped treats, fragrant, beautiful flowers, and special, sentimental gifts, that this season brings, I want to sit back and remember, reflect, and remind myself of the truest love that I have ever received: the love you have shown me.  The love that you are.  I want to re-acknowledge you as my First Love.

I want to place you back on the throne of my heart.

I want to thank you.

Thank you for loving me every moment of my entire life, and even before then.  Thank you for delighting in me before I was even me and for spending so much special time on making me who I exactly am.  Thank you for knitting me together so perfectly for a specific purpose, giving me specific gifts and passions that you’ve given me the ability to strengthen and empower your Kingdom with.

Thank you for not grading me on my performances or evaluating my best or worst efforts.  Thank you for choosing me, every time, no matter what. 

Thank you for pursuing me, allowing me to receive true love from you, and now have the capacity to love other people from that overflow.  I promise to love people because you first loved me.  I promise to give others my best because you always give me Your best.

Thank you for every tear that You’ve wiped, every cry that You’ve attended to, every prayer that You’ve heard, every broken moment that You’ve comforted, every hurting heart moment that You’ve healed, and every hard day that You’ve never let go unnoticed.  You are constantly redeeming me and molding me, and I praise for you every pain that has brought us closer.

Because of the precious, endless, constant, enduring pursuit of your Love for me, I give you my word that I’m going to try a little bit harder to show this world what You’re about.  I give you my word to lay aside myself a little bit more, so I can make room for more and more of your Light to illuminate the earth.

I’m going to give encouraging words without restraint.

I’m going to serve others even when it’s not convenient.

I’m going to be everyone’s biggest fan and proudest cheerleader.

I’m going to be intentional and sensitive to the needs and struggles of those around me.

I’m going to make every effort to remain in unified peace with all people.

I’m going to consistently lay aside my right to be right, knowing that when I submit to humility, I actually win.

I’m going to create safe and life-giving spaces for all people to experience acceptance.

I’m going to love like my life depends on it.  Because it does.  I know that I will be remembered because of how I loved.  And how I love from February 15th and beyond proves to the world that February 14th wasn’t just a show.   It wasn’t just an act, and that it wasn’t all for decoration.

 Please continue to walk with me, hand in hand, as I discover how infinitely long, wide, high, and deep your never failing love is for me.  I love you with all my heart.

Happy February 15th and beyond.

Love, Your Thankful Daughter

Shae // @shaetate

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