Our Delight Story: Texas Christian University

I found out about Delight from a friend at summer camp the summer before my sophomore year. She was a part of the team that brought Delight to Samford University. I thought it sounded awesome for her, but never thought it related to me.

I played soccer my freshman year for TCU. I quit at the end of the year and decided to rush going into sophomore year. This is when the seed of Delight was planted in me – the seed of desiring community for women in a place like TCU.

I went through recruitment and was astounded by the number of girls entering their freshman year who were already anxious, already questioning, and already uneasy about their time in college. It was so cool to use the experiences and wisdom I had gained from my freshman year and give them comfort and hope. But I still couldn’t shake this feeling that these girls needed a place to come into that would encourage them, sustain them, and be there for them throughout their time at TCU. They needed a Christ-centered community of women who would push them to chase after Christ and not the tempting, worldly attractions they were being fed.

And wa-la, Delight came to be! I talked to my friend again and began following the steps to start Delight on campus. That process took a whole semester. I found leaders in a truly divine way, somehow got the best advisor I could think of, and was able to lead the 6 leaders in the new leader prep guide that created the firm, selfless leadership team we have today. That semester was amazing, and I’m so thankful for the process and the long time it took to get it going. At the time, it was frustrating because I just wanted it to happen overnight, but that process is so important. I asked two friends to be leaders and both said no, and it took 2 weeks until I could even try thinking about asking someone else, but each leader is exactly who we needed, and I can’t imagine our team being different.

We are starting our third semester of Delight now. Our first semester, we had 60 girls coming, and by the last week we had around 5. Frustration set in, but we knew numbers didn’t matter. We continued to trust the Lord, and trust the process. Our second semester brought more girls, and this also created a more consistent group that still comes now. But it was still around 15 girls. Now, we have about 20-25 coming, new faces and old, and girls speaking up much more during the discussion. It takes time. I want to encourage anyone starting that it takes time, and each chapter looks different. Some schools will flourish with 10 girls coming, and some schools will flourish with 100. Be content with where you are in the process, and trust that the Lord truly does have a purpose for every step, whether forwards or backwards. It is amazing to watch girls come into Delight and leave feeling filled up, having experienced the Lord through community and girls who will actually listen and care. Delight is worth it, and it has been the best testament of the Lord’s faithfulness to me. I could not be more thankful for Delight being brought to our campus and for the purpose it serves!