“I’ve drawn up all these plans for my life — I had all of these agendas — I have all of this fine print, Lord, I’ll take it all away, and trust that you are a good, good Father. And I will trust you to direct my life as you see fit.” — “Surrounding Our Will” podcast by Ethos Church.

Being so far away from home has been hard for me, as I am originally from Nashville, but I go to school in California. Something that has been even harder for me is simply that I am removed from my church environment — the one place that I truly could just be forever. When I’m home in Nashville, I always want to be at Ethos Church. Sometimes, I’ll stay for multiple services, just so I can soak in the words of the pastor’s teaching and savor its truth.

In order to get my Ethos fix, I often listen to the church podcasts. This week, I was particularly struck by the message and especially the quote at the beginning of this post.

I think that it has been apparent — in all of my blog posts for Delight — that I have kind of been in a rut during this season of my life, as I have been pulled in so many different directions. I had written an agenda for my life, and, truly, none of it has come to fruition. I wanted so many things this year to go a certain way, but they did not go as I had planned. If any girl has been rejected from more things than she can count, it would be me — so don’t feel alone if this is where you are in your journey.

But, despite all of these plans, I know that God’s agenda is far greater for my life— He is the Lord of all and the King of all Kings. He is our Creator — our Divine Deliverer.

We were made to walk alongside Him and fill our hearts with Him — not the Earthly things that we too often deem important. God has been teaching me just this this year — that the things that I desire aren’t always the best things for my life.

It’s hard to come to terms with this, though, as we want everything to go our way. Most days, we want our agenda to be first over God’s.

But, recently, I’ve been asking myself, Why don’t I trust Jesus more? He truly knows my heart's desires, and He will lead me down a path of righteousness if I only trust Him. I’m going to admit, I don’t always do this — I don’t trust God like I should.

Sometimes, I think that, in order to be a follower of Christ, I have to be miserable in my pursuit to serve others. But, this is just the thing: God calls us into a relationship of perfect peace with Him, and, from here, we truly become content and happy. God wants us to be happy — so very happy, no matter what our circumstances in life may hold. When our relationship with Him overrides every earthly desire, we realize that we are being called to serve a greater purpose beyond ourselves.

Though I’ve drawn up plans for my life, I know God’s plans are greater. So, when you don’t get something that you really wanted or you believe your life should have gone a certain way, just wait. God is writing a greater agenda for your life than you ever could have imagined. Just trust that He is a “good, good Father,” and that He will guide you. I know that you will be blessed by doing so — and realize just how incredible the God we serve is.

Caroline // @carolineanisa


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