Encouragement to my Sweet Friend in Transition

The middle.

The in-between.

The re-building season.

We have all been in those ‘transition’ seasons of life. And if doing life with God means we get to live a life of abundance, freedom, and walking every day in consistent purpose, where does all of that fit into these uncomfortable, unknown, and mostly uneasy seasons of transition? The summer before college, the summers in between each of your academic years, a new job, a new city or state, an uneasy season of family issues, not having that friend that you used to depend on for everything – all of these kind of situations and seasons of life leave us feeling completely misplaced, misused, and misunderstood.

Sweet friend. The lies that the enemy is trying to get you to buy into in this unknown season of life must be silenced. Your purpose is anything but on pause right now. You were created, destined for, perfected, molded, and specifically called for such a time as this. Even though whatever ‘this’ is may not be what you originally signed up for, what you thought it would be, or what you ever would have wanted to be thrown in – He made you for it. You have the confidence offered to you to wake up every morning knowing that you were chosen to live out this day.

And because of this truth, that changes every attitude, every stigma, and every lie we have believed about this season we find ourselves in, and we get to choose how we approach it. We have to correctly identify what kind of season we are in, or else we will end up getting frustrated with ourselves and even God. Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time and place for everything under the sun. If God has placed you in a season and asked you to plant, don’t get frustrated because you feel like it’s a time to harvest. When we yield to the place He is asking us to press in to, we find out that although it may not have been what we asked for, planned for, or hoped for, we come out on the other side a more beautiful and whole version of ourselves.

If we trust Him, we trust that He sees us in our surroundings, and He isn’t intimidated by our uncomfortable feelings. Sometimes I think He is simply waiting for us to accept what is at hand and press in to it.

We are not in an in-between,

we are stepping into a new season that the Lord has aligned for us.

Our purpose is not on pause,

perhaps He is stretching and multiplying our purpose in ways we didn’t know we could.

God has not forgotten about me, left me behind, or asked to figure it out for myself,

I am instead “confident that the Creator, who has begun such a great work among me, will not stop in mid-design but will keep perfecting me until the day Jesus the Anointed, our Liberating King, returns to redeem the world.” // Philippians 1:6

I would like to think that Jesus understands our feelings towards transition seasons, I think that could’ve been how He felt while He walked on earth. He spent His life on earth knowing that every energy He exhausted was building up to the next season of His life, where He would die on a cross and eventually ascend into Heaven and sit at the right hand of God. Talk about feeling like your life is on pause – having to roam the earth when you know Heaven awaits you!? Instead of listening to His feelings, He understood the weight of every single day in itself. He made the best of His time; He wasn’t just waiting for His big moment. The longer I walk with God the more I realize that we are so focused on the big mile-markers of our life, and He is really about the walking in-between, the journey.

The pressure is off, the striving must cease, and we have the opportunity to press in to a season that our Savior already perfected for us since the beginning of time. I am anything but misplaced and left-behind. I am loved, chosen, and anointed for this day. What I do with this day, well that is up to me.

Shae // @shaetate