My parents took me home to a little yellow house. I’m told there were wood floors that echoed my big brother’s pitter-pattering. Sometimes I think I remember that little house where I began. But I was only there long enough to coo and babble.

We moved across the highway to a red brick house with a magnolia tree in the front yard and a mulberry tree out back. And that is the home I have known all my life.

A Dutch modern dining room table sat in front of the stone hearth. We’d eat dinner there, everyone in his or her designated seat – or highchair. We’d do homework there, groaning and wishing. We’d play Clue and Disney Trivia and poker. Memories wrapped in laughter and glittering with covetous joy. Learning when to hold ‘em and fold ‘em.


An open bible, marked with different colored ink decorates the table most mornings. My mom leaning over it, pen in hand, glasses (half-broken) perched on the bridge of her nose. The nose that I have.

Blueprints were unrolled on that table. Plans for something bigger. We oohed and ahhed. And the bible waited at its usual spot.

Graduation announcements strewn from end to end. Christmas cards, bills, books. And the bible stayed.

The magnolia tree is not as healthy anymore. It’s one limb less, but it still blooms.

We renovated our kitchen, refloored the dining room, and got a new table. Funny how quickly things go from outdated to trendy. I used to not be so fond of the old one. Now, writing this, I just want to find the nice Craig’s List family that bought it and admire it for all it bore.

The new table is farmhouse style. It’s black and glossy. Lots of surface for stacking and cluttering. And I bet you the bible’s there right now. At Mom’s spot. Maybe one of my sisters will walk by and notice its strange magnetic glow. It pulls you in. An invitation to be exactly where you are.

There is a faith that starts over every morning. At old tables and new ones. When someone who knows she is not perfect fills a bowl with whole grain cereal and a mug with coffee freshly pressed. There is a faith that knows today will probably not let her cross everything off her list but makes one anyway. There is a faith that sticks verses on the bathroom mirror. It is the faith that I want. It’s the faith that’s in my blood.

“Cling to what is good.” // Romans 12:9. Remember the light and remain there. Return. Return. Return. Like my mama does.

“Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith.” // Hebrews 13:7


I would like to say that writing for Delight and getting to share through this ministry has been healing for me. I hope if you read this at any point, whoever you are, you know that you are limitless. You were conceived and crafted by a God beyond bounds who loves you even further than that. You, who were born of storm and light, will know a love unmatched when you know Him. He is love. And in Him, we breathe grace like fire. Reach, darling. Speak. And be whole.

Thank you,


“…for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” // 2 Timothy 1:7 

Suzannah // @suz_joy